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Company: Advanced Acoustics

In New Zealand there has been a dramatic increase in high density housing and apartments, and according to the World Health Organisation, noise is threatening to become one of the world’s greatest health issues.

However, a new product can now stop unwanted sounds in their tracks.

Advanced Acoustics QuietWave® product uses a 100% organic, fully biodegradable, rubberised foam material to dampen the transfer of sound through walls.

QuietWave exceeds NZBC G6 minimum requirements for airborne sound insulation for a wall between attached dwellings meeting the highest possible AAAC acoustic rating of 6 stars Rw62 and Rw + Ctr=55 dB with the thinnest possible wall section of 148 mm.

QuietWave wall system provides a saving of 50% in the width of the wall against a comparable 6 star rated wall system.

Gain 1 m² of floor-space for every 6.6 m length of wall, or reduce the overall footprint of the apartment block.

At just 1.2 mm thick QuietWave is easily handled and can be installed by just one person. The acoustic ‘fabric’ is sandwiched between sheets of standard plasterboard at the time of lining the framework.

The QuietWave flexible visco-elastic membrane can be penetrated without any degradation in performance. The finished wall system has a solid feel and when impacted upon, sound resonates similar to a masonry wall.

QuietWave has been certified by the CSIRO as Group 1 Fire Rated.


​Significant cost benefits:

  • The Developer has more useable floor space to sell
  • The Builder has easier installation, less material handling
  • The Buyer has more useable floor space, more secure feeling from solid sounding walls and more privacy with the more soundproofed walls
  • The reduction in overall building size due to the extra floor space available from the significantly thinner walls
  • The reduction in overall building foundations and structure because of the significantly lighter walls
  • The reduction in transportation of materials for walls

For more information, visit or visit our showroom at 41c William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland.

JP Morgan head office in Sydney