Company: HPM Legrand

The all new lighting management switch sensors from Legrand provide new solutions for a variety of commercial applications. Of particular note is the new hallway sensor which boasts a 12m sensing range on EACH SIDE of the sensor – that’s a total of 24m continuous hallway coverage from the 1 fitting.

This PIR ceiling mounted sensor has a wide range of adjustable settings to ensure any installation is catered to. These settings include:

Light Level Detection – the automatic detection of daylight levels allows you to save power as the lights will only activate if the daylight is less than the user programmed level.

Vacancy and Occupancy Mode – Occupancy mode means that lights are automatically switched on or off according to occupancy whereas Vacancy mode means that lights are manually switched on and automatically switched off. Vacancy mode offers extra energy savings.

Programmable via remote control – supplementary remote control allows for easy setting of sensors. Simply point the remote at the sensor, input your desired settings and you are done. Those settings can then be replicated in another fitting with the press of one button.

Passive infrared (PIR) technology – Passive infrared technology detects occupancy by reacting to infrared energy sources, such as a human body in motion. This makes it a great choice for hallways as there is a lot of human movement.

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