Standard concrete block coated with concrete block sealer

Company: Fraser Brown and Stratmore

FRASER BROWN AND STRATMORE’S new CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is a clear waterborne sealer designed to go over such difficult materials, sealing the surface completely and effectively against ingress of water.

It has excellent weathering, UV and yellowing resistance, having been tested under accelerated weathering conditions to the equivalent of 4 years harsh exposure with no signs of deterioration.

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is designed to be used as part of a complete sealer system which includes AQUELLUX S WB. It easily meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4456.16:2003 “Determining Permeability to Water”

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is easy to apply, even on vertical surfaces. It dries to a clear, colourless satin finish, which hardly changes the appearance of natural or coloured concrete blocks, pavers, or any other concrete or cementitious surface.

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is environmentally friendly, with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Tools may be cleaned up with water. It is not classified as a dangerous good.

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is available in 4 L and 10 L pack sizes. Visit our website and get yours today!

Honed concrete block coated with concrete block sealer (uncoated at far right)