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Company: Allied Concrete

Allied Concrete have flooring systems to suit your needs and building budget for all ground conditions. In a building environment with rising costs and increasing technical demands, Allied Concrete have applied their expertise to provide a range of solutions which offer savings and surety.


A large percentage of buildable ground in NZ is considered ‘Good Ground’- a technical classification in NZS3604. Allied Concrete’s READYfloor offers a proven, Codemarked alternative to standard 3604 foundation and flooring designs. This means it has been tested pre-approved and will be accepted by council explains Allied Concrete national sales and marketing manager Dave Barker.

“READYfloor’s Codemarked alternative to 3604 foundations meets the Building Code. By not needing the traditional steel reinforcing, you can start your building project with significant savings in both time and expenditure,” Dave says.

“With READYfloor, the reinforcing is already in the concrete which comes ready to pour. The ‘time is money’ idea turns up in your pocket!”

Readyfloor can be for concrete house slabs, shops, warehouses or any lightly loaded concrete floor. A cost calculator on the website allows you to estimate the cost savings compared to using traditional steel reinforcing.


When a specific ground test does not meet the Code definition of ‘good ground’, a Specific Engineered Design (SED) is required. Allied Concrete has developed a concrete flooring product which allows for an engineered foundation system regardless of your technical category and, according to Southern Foundations Ltd director Bevan McKeich, that’s not the only area Allied Superslab excels.

“Allied Superslab provides a far more earthquake resilient flooring system, which is warmer, stronger and quicker to build than traditional flooring systems,” Bevan says.

Southern Foundations is a registered installer of Allied Superslab and Bevan says the product is a cost competitive foundation system which is fully accepted with territorial authorities.

Beam grills within the concrete slab provide a stiffer and stronger final product. Because of this inherent strength, a deepened perimeter footing can usually be omitted. Allied Concrete utilises a deeper pod within its Superslab, which produces an even stronger finish against competing products.

“An Allied Superslab cuts the construction time for the foundation considerably,” Bevan explains. “A Superslab foundation can be built in four days from start to finish and this will significantly influence your construction costs.”

For more information on how your build project can benefit from Allied READYfloor or READYsuperslab phone Allied Concrete on 0800 4 ALLIED (0800 425 543) or visit to view a comprehensive run down on the range of products available.

Allied Concrete’s READYsuperslab