Company: Paul Industries

“Codemark gives our customers yet another level of reassurance” says Ben Lloyd, GM Sales & Marketing for Paul Industries. “All Fastwrap products are BRANZ appraised, and now with Codemark for Wall Underlay, builders and specifiers can use our products with an even higher level of confidence”.

After 7 years on the NZ market, Fastwrap has stayed true to the KISS principle, avoiding the unnecessarily complicated product ranges common in this category. The Fastwrap range comprises just four products that between them, are appraised to tackle any job, anywhere.

Fastwrap Wall Underlay. BRANZ appraised for use in all areas and all applications and now with Codemark.

Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay (Heavy Weight or Self Support). BRANZ appraised for use in all applications without restriction.

Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape. Complete the system with this BRANZ appraised tape.

And with a philosophy based on making life as simple as possible for specifiers and builders, Codemark Certification for Fastwrap Wall Underlay was a logical step for the team at Paul Industries.

“Let’s face it, the easier it is to specify and use our products, the better for everyone” comments Ben. “Specifiers don’t have to waste time getting to grips with unnecessary products, and builders save money by using the same underlays on all their jobs”.

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