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Sterile Theatre Store : Mobile Shelving Upgrade


Company: Hydestor

Apart from being New Zealand’s leading steel shelving manufacturer, Hydestor also specialises in providing customised solutions.

At the beginning of your next project is when we can add the most value.

An imported rolling wire shelving system was installed into a Sterile Theatre Store and from the onset was plagued by the systems failure to track straight. It was also very difficult to move, despite the overhead guiding rails, designed for the system, being fitted. The maintenance staff were regularly called upon to re-align the system, which caused serious disruption and delays in this critical sterile environment.

A complete “jam-up” of the system seemed a likely prospect if no action was taken, this would seriously disrupt surgical services.

A decision was made to contact HYDESTOR MANUFACTURING LTD to see if they could help.

After visiting the site, Hydestor proposed a custom solution involving re-mounting the existing fixtures (minus the Wheels) onto new Hydestor customised mobile chassis units.

Hydestor also proposed the new units and the tracking system be coated in a new “CLINIKILL” antibacterial powdercoating to help maintain the sterile environment. Sample materials, detailed plans and their written proposal were provided for evaluation, which were quickly accepted.

It was critical that this work was undertaken during the Christmas break when no elective surgery was planned. This required all sterile stock to be removed and re-housed so no contamination occurred. A full re-sterilisation of the entire store was also to be carried out after the shelving upgrade was completed, so timing was critical.

HYDESTOR were given the go ahead and the schedule was “set in stone”.

All Hydestor materials were on site before the shutdown, and on the agreed start date the Hydestor team arrived as scheduled, for total disassembly and complete reinstallation. The experienced team completed the transformation efficiently and well within the time frames required.

As scheduled the store was re-commissioned with the new system working above expectation. Both medical staff and maintenance staff were very happy with the result and have since reported the new system tracks smoothly consistently, with no down times as before.

Contact Hydestor before you begin your next project, we have the shelving solution 0800 493 378.


Custom designed Hydestor Mobile bases and floor tracks, installed under clients existing shelving, eliminating previous tracking issues.

Improve ambient light with Pauloid White-Faced Aluminium Foil


Company: Paul Industries

Primarily used to control moisture and reflect radiated heat, Pauloid’s White-Faced Foil also plays a valuable role in diffusing ambient light, significantly reducing the requirement for artificial light in commercial buildings.

Pauloid Aluminium Foil Insulation reflects up to 95% of radiated heat. The foil acts as a waterproof sarking when installed beneath the primary roofing material, providing a vapour barrier against moisture penetration.

Comprised of a multi-layer, reinforced aluminium foil laminate, Pauloid Foils are tear resistant and available in a range of configurations and GSM weights to suit every commercial building project.

Other benefits include:

  • Fire retardant – provides passive fire resistance for the life of the building. Pauloid 945 and 945W
  • Light diffusing – diffuses ambient light. Pauloid 945W

Pauloid Aluminium Foils are resistant to scuffs and abrasions and retain their reflective properties and attractive appearance even after years of wear and tear.

We recommend that Pauloid Foils be used in conjunction with Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh .

  • All Pauloid Foils comply with AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002 Materials for the Thermal Insulation of Buildings & AS/NZS 4200.1: 1994 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlays.
  • Pauloid 945 Foil complies with AS 1530 part 2 – 1993. Flammability Index – 2.
  • Pauloid 945W Foil complies with AS 1530 part 2 – 1993. Flammability Index – 1.

Call 0800 330-320 or visit



NZ’s Largest Trade Exhibition for the Building Trade, Architects & Designers


Company: Build NZ

Buildnz | designex, New Zealand’s award winning and largest industry exhibition specifically for architects, designers, specifiers, project managers and related trades professionals, returns in 2015 bigger and stronger than ever before. Buildnz | designex connects 5,000+ visitors with more than 200 exhibitors over 3 days, showcasing product demonstrations, networking opportunities, industry education and topical speaker sessions.

Supported by industry, local and central government bodies and trade associations, buildnz | designex features national and international suppliers as they showcase the latest trends, design, innovations and technology.

Plan your visit around speaker sessions from the Auckland Design Office of Auckland Council, MBIE, and Waterfront Auckland as well as a keynote session with international award winning architect Ian Moore of Ian Moore Architects. See our website for details and timings for all sessions.

For the first time The National Safety Show (NSS) will run alongside buildnz | designex; helping the wider industry to better understand their obligations around tightening safety standards and regulations.

A must attend TRADE ONLY exhibition, buildnz | designex runs 21-23 June 2015 at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland.
Buildnz | designex
Ph 09 976 8300
Register to attend for free at


Flexible composite cladding design options


Company: James Hardie

Lightweight cladding options are generally just as cost competitive as the traditional brick veneer options. They are particularly competitive when we compare them to applied finishes or look at double-storey and terraced housing. It is important to take an integrated approach to assessing costs.

You don’t get a true picture if you look at just one element in isolation. For example using heavyweight materials in setback upper storey builds usually mean using more structural members than if the upper storey was built using lightweight materials. Using lightweight cladding materials can potentially reduce structural timber and steel, foundation size, scaffolding and therefore reducing costs on medium to larger developments.

In addition, fewer trades are required. When building with most James Hardie cladding, pre-cladding and fire and acoustic systems, the only people you need on site are the carpenter and the painter. This should make the building process simpler and faster than using construction methods that needs brick/blocklayers, cleaners, renderers, plasterers and painters. The potential downtime between each trade needs to be managed to avoid lost time and cost hikes.

The upshot of this is that while face brick is perceived to be a cost effective way to build, it is not the only cost-effective construction method around. There are so many other more stylish, modern and composite cost-effective alternatives.

If you are interested in finding out more around ‘on the wall costs’ comparisons of our James Hardie full cladding range for your next medium density project please get in touch with our in-house medium density specialist Hasith Gamage: 027 703 7318.



Industrial looking + Cutting edge LED technology


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions (NZ)

It goes without saying that the Umbra has come from a long and highly successful lineage. The Umbra Compact Fluorescent TC-TEL, TC-T and the Metal Halide HIE-E27 have demonstrated their fine pedigree over many years of successful operation.

Employing the combinations of reflector options; Semi transparent faceted refractors with high light transmission control in both upward and downward direction, or solid aluminium bright or matt silver reflector finish for downward light only.

By using LED arrays in combination with Umbra refractors we are able to harness and provide the optimum of light with crisp beam distribution for class leading performance resulting in savings in energy consumption and maintenance when compared to conventional light sources.

Umbra combines seamlessly wherever used and can provide effective lighting in an environment condusive to wellbeing, learning and productivity.


  • High efficiency 3000k & 4000k LED
  • Enclosed LED IP44
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • Ra > 80
  • Compact integral electronic gear & box
  • Factory set on request variable outputs
  • Thermal LED overload and over volt protection
  • Contemporary design
  • Die cast aluminium stoved powder coated finish
  • Semi transparent metalised faceted reflector (allows proportion of upward light)
  • Aluminium anodised refractor
  • 50,000hr rated life


  • The Umbra family is ideal for use in public buildings, hospitals, healthcare centres, schools, colleges or is equally at its best used in retail applications.

The LUMIANCE – Umbra series is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.



E3 (Internal Moisture) – When acceptable is no longer acceptable


Company: ARIDON

It is a functional requirement of the building code – Clause E3 (internal Moisture) that buildings must be constructed to avoid the likelihood of:

1. Fungal growth or the accumulation of contaminants on linings and other building elements; and

2. Free water overflow penetrating to an adjoining household unit; and

3. Damage to building elements being caused by the presence of moisture.

E3.1 The objective of this provision is to— (a) Safeguard people against illness, injury, or loss of amenity that could result from accumulation of internal moisture.

That’s the code – however independent research in NZ, supported by extensive evidence in Canada and Europe clearly demonstrates that traditional New Zealand building techniques in colder climates does not comply with E3! Check out the independent WUFI Modelling Report demonstrating nationwide performance of traditional building materials:

We have a problem, it’s real, it’s been labelled the 2nd wave of leaky homes – and it can no longer be ignored!


Typically one of three ways:

1. Moisture present in building materials during construction and /or leaks.

2. From air leaks in the building envelope – a substantial volume of water vapour is carried by moist air entering the wall cavity either from inside or outside the building.

3. From vapour diffusion through building materials: Warm air vapour diffuses through vapour permeable building materials such as plasterboard interior wall linings.

Water vapour in the wall frame is not a problem in itself. Most walls are constructed from organic materials which are best kept in conditions which are healthy for humans. The problem occurs when water vapour meets cold surfaces (thermal bridges) or cold air and condensation (dew) forms. The term used to define when this occurs is the dew point.


The safest way to prevent condensation forming in wall cavities is to keep the wall cavity warm and dry, to ensure the dew point does not sit inside wall cavity (which should be the dry zone of the building envelope).

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system wraps the outside of the building frame in a thermal weatherproof shell, which maintains the wall cavity at a temperature very similar to that of the room itself. The theoretical dew point of the ARIDON® SMART WALL system is near the exterior face (wet zone side) of the panel – exactly where it should be!

By removing the risk of condensation forming, water vapour can easily pass in and out of the wall cavity via plasterboard linings and maintain equilibrium with the internal environment – combatting interstitial condensation.

Canada has taken proactive steps to understanding the movement of moisture through the building envelope and changed their building code requirements/guidelines to ensure enhanced envelope performance can be achieved through insulating on the outside of the building frame, greater envelope airtightness and improved water management capabilities, amongst other factors.

So the key question is: If you know that your design is at high risk of mould growth and long term moisture loads within 18 months of completion, would you not look for a better solution?




Lundia’s designsmart gives you the edge


Company: Lundia

Lundia’s modular approach to product design has given many leading commercial and architectural projects the edge.

Lundia systems are smart-designed to be strong, modular, reconfigurable and scalable. This gives designers and specifiers the flexibility to realise their visions by choosing natural timber products, which can grow and adapt with their clients needs.

Designsmart is an all-encompassing approach, which considers space optimisation, value for money, future-proofing, product selection and adaptations of standard, modular ranges to best suit the needs of the client and target business. Years of experience is brought to the table to ensure that not only are you getting the best solution; you are benefitting from the very best in smart advice, logistics and design.

Designsmart is not a one-way street either, over the years Lundia has grown its involvement in the design community by sponsorships and direct product evolution with several New Zealand designers. This has led to the release of sector-specific products being developed for the education sector in particular.

If you’d like to give your next project the designsmart edge, call Lundia today 0800 860 460
or email Lundia directly 



Spotlight on Auckland’s Shed 10 – Legrand MyHome Automation and Lighting Management


Company: HPM Legrand

Shed 10 is a brand new convention centre/venue for hire on Queens Wharf, Auckland’s waterfront. Legrand was selected to provide lighting management and automation for the refurbishment. The system includes Legrand lighting control, which allows for daylight harvesting so that the LED hibays will only run when there is insufficient daylight available.

Legrand light sensors were chosen due to their ability to maintain a consistent LUX level across the floor area, also for controlling and dimming the main spotlights.

The 3.5″ MyHome Automation touchscreen allows the clients to have a central control location, where they can set 4 different scenes for the 4 zones that the upper level is broken down into.

Each of these systems have allowed Shed 10 to keep energy consumption to a minimum, easily control their lighting requirements and know that their installation has helped to future proof the building.

Allendale Electrical facilitated the installation of the Legrand system and said “the Legrand system gave us full control of the lighting throughout level 2 of the building. It was straight forward and easy to install and program which was great for both ourselves and the client.”

To find out more about the Legrand MyHome Automation and Lighting Management systems please visit or call 0800 476 009 and ask to speak with one of our business development managers.



Axiss Range


Company: Felton

Functional, thoughtful and beautiful. The Axiss range changes how we use our mixers. With its sleek and modern form inspired by organic curves, Axiss delivers a new level of usability and flexibility. The range is equally big on functionality, boasting a rugged cartridge, dezincification-resistant brass bodies, and a swivel function in the basin, sink and bath mixers.

By re-thinking the design of a pull out sink mixer, the Axiss Vege Spray Sink Mixer features a convenient 360° swivel, two spray nozzles designed for users to switch between jet and spray as desired – avoiding the risk of a pull-out hose leaking under the bench.

The Axiss Swivel Bath Spout allows the user to swivel the spout away from the bath, maximising available space in the tub prefect for family with young kids that enjoys bath time.

Another mixer within the range that incorporates the swivel action, Felton has also created the Axiss Fountain Basin Mixer which enables you to easily either drink or rinse from the tap.

The range is designed in New Zealand and Watermark certified. For detailed information on the Axiss range of taps and mixers visit your local plumbing merchant or go on to Felton Industries website: