Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions (NZ)

It goes without saying that the Umbra has come from a long and highly successful lineage. The Umbra Compact Fluorescent TC-TEL, TC-T and the Metal Halide HIE-E27 have demonstrated their fine pedigree over many years of successful operation.

Employing the combinations of reflector options; Semi transparent faceted refractors with high light transmission control in both upward and downward direction, or solid aluminium bright or matt silver reflector finish for downward light only.

By using LED arrays in combination with Umbra refractors we are able to harness and provide the optimum of light with crisp beam distribution for class leading performance resulting in savings in energy consumption and maintenance when compared to conventional light sources.

Umbra combines seamlessly wherever used and can provide effective lighting in an environment condusive to wellbeing, learning and productivity.


  • High efficiency 3000k & 4000k LED
  • Enclosed LED IP44
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • Ra > 80
  • Compact integral electronic gear & box
  • Factory set on request variable outputs
  • Thermal LED overload and over volt protection
  • Contemporary design
  • Die cast aluminium stoved powder coated finish
  • Semi transparent metalised faceted reflector (allows proportion of upward light)
  • Aluminium anodised refractor
  • 50,000hr rated life


  • The Umbra family is ideal for use in public buildings, hospitals, healthcare centres, schools, colleges or is equally at its best used in retail applications.

The LUMIANCE – Umbra series is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.