Company: Hydestor

Apart from being New Zealand’s leading steel shelving manufacturer, Hydestor also specialises in providing customised solutions.

At the beginning of your next project is when we can add the most value.

An imported rolling wire shelving system was installed into a Sterile Theatre Store and from the onset was plagued by the systems failure to track straight. It was also very difficult to move, despite the overhead guiding rails, designed for the system, being fitted. The maintenance staff were regularly called upon to re-align the system, which caused serious disruption and delays in this critical sterile environment.

A complete “jam-up” of the system seemed a likely prospect if no action was taken, this would seriously disrupt surgical services.

A decision was made to contact HYDESTOR MANUFACTURING LTD to see if they could help.

After visiting the site, Hydestor proposed a custom solution involving re-mounting the existing fixtures (minus the Wheels) onto new Hydestor customised mobile chassis units.

Hydestor also proposed the new units and the tracking system be coated in a new “CLINIKILL” antibacterial powdercoating to help maintain the sterile environment. Sample materials, detailed plans and their written proposal were provided for evaluation, which were quickly accepted.

It was critical that this work was undertaken during the Christmas break when no elective surgery was planned. This required all sterile stock to be removed and re-housed so no contamination occurred. A full re-sterilisation of the entire store was also to be carried out after the shelving upgrade was completed, so timing was critical.

HYDESTOR were given the go ahead and the schedule was “set in stone”.

All Hydestor materials were on site before the shutdown, and on the agreed start date the Hydestor team arrived as scheduled, for total disassembly and complete reinstallation. The experienced team completed the transformation efficiently and well within the time frames required.

As scheduled the store was re-commissioned with the new system working above expectation. Both medical staff and maintenance staff were very happy with the result and have since reported the new system tracks smoothly consistently, with no down times as before.

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Custom designed Hydestor Mobile bases and floor tracks, installed under clients existing shelving, eliminating previous tracking issues.