Company: Ulti Group

Easy to apply, easy to operate, easy to maintain…the FasTrax Door from Ulti Group!

Due to its speed, reliability and large variety of track configurations, this innovative High Speed Door is desired at almost every facility.

In the event of an accidental impact the door will simply knock-out of its guides before relocating itself, undamaged, back into position, meaning reduced maintenance costs, and putting a totally new spin on flexibility, performance and uptime.

The FasTrax Door is the fastest on the market with operating speeds up to 2.5m/second, shortening cycle times, maximising productivity and energy savings.

Safety features including soft edge technology, thru beam photo eyes, optional motion detection and a reverse bottom edge provide a safer working environment. This not only protects personnel from injury but also reduces product damage.

Hygiene is another key feature with this door. Its non-contact radial technology eliminates transfer of contaminants from one side of the curtain to the other, for improved hygiene control.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Speed (up to 2.5m/sec)
  • Fully knock-out and auto re-feed
  • Multiple track configurations
  • Full perimeter seal
  • Eliminates ice build-up
  • Industry’s safest door

Relatives of the FasTrax are the FasTrax FR, specifically for freezer applications, and the FasTrax Clean, specifically for Clean Room applications.

For more information on FasTrax visit the Ulti Group website.