AngelStep® GOLD 4 – Premium Acoustic Flooring Underlay


Company: Advanced Acoustics

Apartment dwellers have long complained about impact noise intrusion due to footsteps and clatter of utensils and articles dropped on to the floor in apartments overhead. In addition to this impact noise, many occupants have also endured excessive airborne noise transmitted from powerful TV and audio systems.

AngelStep GOLD 4 was initially designed for use in prestige apartments, townhouses and professional office and consulting suites where discerning buyers expect performance beyond that mandated by the minimum requirements of the NZBC. Today, as occupier expectations for mitigating noise transmission have moved ahead of regulations, AngelStep GOLD 4 has found favour in the mainstream market due to the modest additional cost to achieve premium performance and peace of mind of building residents.

Field tests have achieved the ultimate 5 Star rating – streets ahead of the NZBC minimum standards. Angelstep GOLD 4 under 15mm laminated timber achieves a rating up to IIC 66 which far exceeds the standard IIC 55 required by the NZBC G6 code of compliance.

The unrivalled performance of AngelStep GOLD 4 is due to its unique construction – a resilient “cross linked” microcellular foam to form a 4 mm thick tile.

AngelStep® GOLD 4 is water resistant, suitable to combine with floor heating systems and will last the life of the building.

For more information, visit us at Buildnz at stand number 523 or contact us at 


Angelstep Gold 4 has been engineered as an underlay for all solid timber and floating engineered floors to deliver optimum acoustic performance for minimum thickness.

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