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Cut Power Bills with EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps


Company: Parex Industries

Water heating represents the single largest opportunity to reduce power consumption in the home whilst also being environmentally friendly. Up to 70% of power can be saved by taking control of hot water heating.

The air outside homes is warmed every day, whatever the weather. EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps cut power bills by using small amounts of power to transfer that heat from outside to where homeowners need it. They are more consistent and reliable than solar panels, and many times more efficient than electrical elements.

They are easy to install, and can be mounted outside under their own rain cover if space is at a premium. EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps even incorporate a back-up electrical element to ensure ample hot water in even the coldest conditions.

EcoSpring harnesses naturally occurring thermal energy from the air to heat the water, creating renewable energy and offering valuable benefits including:

  • Reducing power bills
  • Renewable energy
  • Inside/outside installation
  • Advanced controls
  • Real time control
  • Five year full comprehensive warranty

Featured Products: EcoSpring 190 and EcoSpring 300


James Hardie Inter-Tenancy Floor Solutions


Company: James Hardie

Performance Requirements:

The NZBC requires inter-tenancy floors to achieve the fire rating in accordance with Clause 2.3 of C/AS2 to CAS6 and acoustic rating in accordance with Clause G6.3.1 and G6.3.2. Achieving acoustic rating of STC 55 (Sound Transmission Class) and IIC of 55 (Impact Insulation Class) is very challenging in both lightweight (timber joist construction) and heavy weight (concrete) construction scenarios.

Due to the high demand for more intensive living conditions within urban and suburban environments, the scope for inter-tenancy floor solutions between habitable spaces will increase significantly over time. This includes application in all medium and high density (Multi-residential terraced housing units, apartments and mixed use buildings – i.e. buildings with residential units, commercial offices, retail, and institutional uses).

The Solution:

James Hardie has developed a light weight floor system ‘JHFTGJ60’ which utilises the standard light weight construction methodology using ‘two’ layers of Secura Interior flooring in conjunction with Batten & Cradle system. This floor system not only achieves the 60 minute FRR performance but also exceeds the minimum acoustic performance expected to comply with NZBC.

On concrete base floor construction in a new or refurbishment project, a ‘single’ layer of Secura flooring over Batten & Cradle can be used to exceed the Impact Insulation Class requirements of the NZBC.

For any further information on this system, Ask James Hardie at 0800 808 868 or write to




The sky’s the limit for hot water


Company: Parex Industries

When Developers are planning new high rises they are always looking at cost effective options and how to maximize work and living space. Supplying hot water to a large number of offices and apartments in high rise buildings is a challenge developers must overcome. Traditionally in New Zealand the option for supplying hot water to apartments in medium high density developments is a centralized gas-fired water heating system. Although this is effective in delivering hot water to high rise developments a new, more modern approach are the instantaneous hot water heating systems which are perfect for remote bathrooms, office kitchens and other breakout areas.

Stiebel Eltron’s German engineered DEL Continuous Flow 3 Phase Power Water Heater is an effective instantaneous water heating system and is compact in size and sleek in design, freeing up valuable space in high rise buildings, which lets developers and interior designers optimize the limited space which they are given. The proficiencies of a DEL unit is that you’re given an accurate picture of consumption and you are charged for what you use which is fair, instead of hot water costs split evenly between apartments.

There are many advantages in choosing stand-alone instantaneous hot water units:

1) Water is only heated at the time of use and energy is not wasted in maintaining a stored volume of hot water.

2) With the heating units located closer to the point-of-use, pipe runs are shorter and less water is wasted by the user while waiting for hot water to arrive at the outlet.

3) If only a cold-water feed has to be provided, the commissioning engineer only needs to configure the pressure balance once on each floor using pressure valves and pumps. The cold water feed can be run to each apartment and then connected to the water heater.

In summary the Stiebel Eltron DEL electric instantaneous water heater provides a new approach to providing hot water supply in multi-level properties.

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The perfect solution for superior insulation of metal claddings



Company: ARIDON

Eliminate Thermal Bridging – Eliminate Ghosting Lines – Eliminate Interstitial Condensation – Maximise Insulation Performance.

Wrap your frames in the revolutionary ARIDON® SMART WALL system – A continuous layer of interlocking, rigid panels that wrap around the building frame to form a weatherproof thermal shell.

The rigid ARIDON® SMART WALL panels not only iron out many of the timber framing imperfections and enable a straighter cladding finish, but enable you to easily exceed NZ Building Code insulation requirements for all commercial and residential builds, regardless of framing ratios and design.

Metal Claddings enable a stylish variety and durable alternative to traditional timber claddings, but often have perceived limitations due to evident ghosting (framing shadows – caused by heat transfer through the wall framing causing visible framing lines in cold weather) and the minimal contribution to insulation calculations. The combination of a stylish exterior metal cladding finish + ARIDON® SMART WALL will now far exceed traditional materials performance in terms of insulation performance and moisture management.


Finally, an all-in-one exterior sheathing solution that not only solves the insulation problems, but also provides life time protection against condensation build-up in the wall framing (interstitial condensation).

The ARIDON® SMART WALL System ensures the frame remains warm and dry with the theoretical dew point positioned in the wet zone of the structure, 60mm away from the framing – exactly where it should be. ARIDON® SMART WALL – The SMART choice for your next project!







Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions (NZ)

Matrix Pendant is a range of stylish LED and T5 pendant luminaires. Thanks to their suspension system of up to 2.5m, they will add drama to restaurant dining rooms, cafes or even office entrance halls.

It is available in brushed aluminium, high gloss piano black and high gloss white to suit a myriad of interiors, which makes it the ideal choice for interior designers while being extremely easy to install.

Range features:

  • Ideal for Hospitality applications such hotel, restaurant or cafes
  • Diffusing optic is made from frosted toughened glass
  • Suitable for a variety of applications with a maximum suspension of 2.5m – Ideal for high ceilings
  • Elegant design with a choice of high gloss white, piano black or brushed aluminium
  • Available in Warm white (3,000K)
  • Quick and easy to install

Matrix Pendant LED

  • Delivers up to 1,800lm (lumen output)
  • High efficiency with up to 72lm/W (total system efficiency on 25W LED version) – will help you comply with Building regulations
  • LED technology provides energy efficient solution and reduced maintenance costs

Matrix Pendant T5

  • High light output with up to 3,300lm (lumen output)
  • High efficiency with up to 83lm/W (total system efficiency on 40W T5 version) – will help you comply with Building regulations

The LUMIANCE – Matrix series is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.




Does your next pool project include indoor ventilation?


Company: Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

If you’re planning or building an indoor pool for commercial use, then you will need to consider an indoor heat recovery ventilation system. In order to control temperature, humidity and overall indoor moisture, all indoor swimming pool enclosures must be ventilated, either by natural (in case of smaller residential pools where a cover is used and the climate is mild) or mechanical means (in case of large residential and commercial pools).

We recommend installing one of our proprietary Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems. The system will keep condensation under control at all times, maintain optimum temperature(s) and moreover will lead to cost savings.

Vent-Air key benefits:

  • Maintains a consistent air temperature
  • Minimises condensation
  • Controls humidity levels
  • Creates a pleasant environment for pool users
  • Reduces energy consumption when compared to other available products in the market

Our Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are custom engineered to suit the specific requirements of your indoor pool environment. Please talk one of our indoor pool ventilation experts at Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd today.

Contact us on 0800 336 633.



Sustainability a reality with GreenPad Carpet Tiles


Company: Advance Flooring

Advance Flooring’s range of GreenPad DuPont Sorona carpet tiles gave New Zealand’s leader in driveline technology the desired edge in performance, style and sustainability they were seeking in their new South Auckland facility.

Beattys Driveline Technologies have a business based on a simple, practical, yet elegant philosophy: analyse the client’s needs, define the problem, then deliver the best possible solution by looking beyond the obvious and discovered a synergy with GreenPad carpet tiles supplied by Advance Flooring.

GreenPad carpet tiles can help designers, architects and building owners achieve their sustainability goals with a fantastic looking product. Backed by Lifetime Limited Warranties on stain resistance, soil resistance and anti-static and 25 year warranties on fade resistance and abrasive wear you can be assured your floor will remain looking amazing for years to come.

GreenPad Carpet Tiles are made with DuPont Sorona fibre. Sustainably produced plant fibres such as maize make up 37% of DuPont Sorona fibre effectively revolutionizing the carpet tile industry by combining sustainability and performance benefits like never before.

Producing Sorona uses 30% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63% compared to producing an equal amount of nylon 6. Compared to an equal amount of nylon 6.6, the production of Sorona uses 40% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 56%. What’s more, no additional chemical treatments are used for stain resistance.

The unique structure of Sorona makes carpet incredibly durable. Carpets made with DuPont Sorona resist crushing because the fibres are crush resistant and retain their shape and texture—step after step, year after year. This high level of carpet durability is perfect for commercial spaces.

The backing of GreenPad carpet tiles can be Mix-Bac – an innovative backing that uses recycled PET bottles – 48 bottles per 1m2. In addition to achieving a high Eco-content in this backing system, it has the added advantage of noise reduction, a softer underfoot feeling and assisting with heating and cooling insulation properties.

Advance Flooring Company is pleased to announce that your selection of GreenPad Carpet Tiles manufactured from DuPont Sorona Fibre is now certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand.

With an increasing range of styles and patterns Advance Flooring are excited to be part of yet another inspired commercial flooring solution and combined with their experience of supplying flooring across New Zealand since 1976 have the ability to help you deliver a world class project.

Contact Advance Floors on 0508 238 262 or visit



Legrand Excel Life – Market Leading Innovations That Won’t Break The Bank


Company: Legrand

Legrand Excel Life is the latest generation of the iconic HPM Excel range. Using key design and environmental innovations, Excel Life introduces improvements in both product design and manufacturing to bring a new level of excellence and value to products in use every day.

The new range suits modern styling with slimmer plates and contemporary switches. It also offers more electronic features, improved performance and greater flexibility at a competitive price, delivering a perfect solution for all areas of the home or office.

The Excel Life range features innovative electronic push button switches as well as dimmers with customisable LED colour. Internal safety shutters on all powerpoints, all-in-one rotary switches, 770 module surge protection and time delay switch mechanisms, as well as unique 770 module LED ring kits, and the all new USB 4.2A USB charger mechanism which make this range ideal for all applications.

LED ring kits 

Standing out from the crowd, the Legrand Excel Life LED Illuminated Ring Kits not only help users find a light switch in the dark, they also add a sophisticated contemporary design element. The kits can be fitted to any standard 16AX or 20AX Excel Life switch mechanism for an instant upgrade onsite.

They can be programmed to remain lit all the time – which is ideal for children’s bedrooms or dark utility spaces – or to indicate on/off status. The eye-catching blue LED rings will also appeal to those clients wanting a contemporary high-tech finish.


Electronic push button dimmers

Using a three wire switch with onboard programming, the electronic push button dimmers LED indicator can be programmed to red or blue. The LED can also be completely off when the switch is not in use or on at a reduced brightness level to help locate the switch in the dark. The universal 450UP also features a clever brightness memory, returning to the last level used when the switch is activated. It is suitable for use with electronic and wire wound transformers and can be used with the Slave Switch for efficient multi-way dimming.


USB chargers

Ideal for charging tablets, smartphones, MP3 or MP4 players, the double socket USB chargers are available in common plate and dedicated plate. These energy efficient chargers have very low standby power consumption and have a maximum charging rate of 4.2A (2.1A per USB outlet) which means you can charge 2 tablets simultaneously at maximum charge!


For further information on the Legrand Excel Life range please visit




Verta – the new exceptional hardware series from Fairview Windows and Doors


Company: Fairview Systems

The new Verta Series provides a truly exceptional hardware series for those perfect lasting details.

Starting with a traditional square shape, Verta features subtle design elements to define, elevate and modernise. Echoing classic lines with bevelled edges and radius corners, Verta features a central lineal crease – creating architectural planes that reflect light in every direction.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, each Verta lever transitions from a straight edge to a gently curved back, creating a soft touching point.

A complete suite is available for interior doors, windows, and sliding and folding doors. The 800mm entrance pull handle creates a grand entrance, which can be echoed throughout the house with matching door levers and window fasteners.

The clever design of the vented window fasteners ensure an unobstructed view as fresh air circulates, creating a healthier home. The marine-grade stainless steel is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and will retain its striking beauty for years to come.

Verta has been tested to endurance standards – 200,000 cycles – ensuring Verta is suitable for use in residential and light commercial applications.

The full range is available exclusively through Fairview window and door manufacturers.

Fairview Windows and Doors




Fastwrap Flamespec for High Wind, High Risk Roof


Company: Paul Industries

There’s no room for error when you’re tackling an 8000m2 roofing job that’s 13 metres off the ground – especially when it’s on a site that’s prone to wind. TH Commercial Roofing chose Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh to provide a safe working environment, and Fastwrap FlameSpec Roofing Underlay to ensure the job ran as smoothly as possible.

“With unpredictable weather and a large canopy to complete we needed to work quickly and efficiently” said Terry Hunt, General Manager of TH Commercial Roofing. “Fastwrap FlameSpec HW Roofing Underlay is ideal for this kind of job as it is strong and easy to work with, even if the wind does pick up”.

Fastwrap FlameSpec is available in Heavy Weight and Self Support, with both variants appraised for use in all areas without restriction, including the highest wind zones. Unlike traditional bituminous building papers, it’s also flame retardant.

The design and build roofing project in Tauriko Park, Tauranga, is part of the new Cubro building by Wingate Farquahar and CBC Construction. With a strong focus on safety, the TH Commercial Roofing team used Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh by local company, Paul Industries to support the roofing underlay while also providing the all-important fall-through protection. “At this height, fall-through protection becomes even more important” commented Hunt. “We know we can count on Kiwimesh and we like the fact that it’s made by a local company”.

Kiwimesh is available in Mega-Length rolls up to 130m long so it’s ideal for big jobs, plus it can be custom manufactured to the exact length required for each job. This saves time and money as it can simply be rolled out and fixed, eliminating joins and wasteful off-cuts.

For more on Paul Industries’ products call 0800 330-320 or visit