James Hardie Inter-Tenancy Floor Solutions


Company: James Hardie

Performance Requirements:

The NZBC requires inter-tenancy floors to achieve the fire rating in accordance with Clause 2.3 of C/AS2 to CAS6 and acoustic rating in accordance with Clause G6.3.1 and G6.3.2. Achieving acoustic rating of STC 55 (Sound Transmission Class) and IIC of 55 (Impact Insulation Class) is very challenging in both lightweight (timber joist construction) and heavy weight (concrete) construction scenarios.

Due to the high demand for more intensive living conditions within urban and suburban environments, the scope for inter-tenancy floor solutions between habitable spaces will increase significantly over time. This includes application in all medium and high density (Multi-residential terraced housing units, apartments and mixed use buildings – i.e. buildings with residential units, commercial offices, retail, and institutional uses).

The Solution:

James Hardie has developed a light weight floor system ‘JHFTGJ60’ which utilises the standard light weight construction methodology using ‘two’ layers of Secura Interior flooring in conjunction with Batten & Cradle system. This floor system not only achieves the 60 minute FRR performance but also exceeds the minimum acoustic performance expected to comply with NZBC.

On concrete base floor construction in a new or refurbishment project, a ‘single’ layer of Secura flooring over Batten & Cradle can be used to exceed the Impact Insulation Class requirements of the NZBC.

For any further information on this system, Ask James Hardie at 0800 808 868 or write to info@jameshardie.co.nz



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