The sky’s the limit for hot water


Company: Parex Industries

When Developers are planning new high rises they are always looking at cost effective options and how to maximize work and living space. Supplying hot water to a large number of offices and apartments in high rise buildings is a challenge developers must overcome. Traditionally in New Zealand the option for supplying hot water to apartments in medium high density developments is a centralized gas-fired water heating system. Although this is effective in delivering hot water to high rise developments a new, more modern approach are the instantaneous hot water heating systems which are perfect for remote bathrooms, office kitchens and other breakout areas.

Stiebel Eltron’s German engineered DEL Continuous Flow 3 Phase Power Water Heater is an effective instantaneous water heating system and is compact in size and sleek in design, freeing up valuable space in high rise buildings, which lets developers and interior designers optimize the limited space which they are given. The proficiencies of a DEL unit is that you’re given an accurate picture of consumption and you are charged for what you use which is fair, instead of hot water costs split evenly between apartments.

There are many advantages in choosing stand-alone instantaneous hot water units:

1) Water is only heated at the time of use and energy is not wasted in maintaining a stored volume of hot water.

2) With the heating units located closer to the point-of-use, pipe runs are shorter and less water is wasted by the user while waiting for hot water to arrive at the outlet.

3) If only a cold-water feed has to be provided, the commissioning engineer only needs to configure the pressure balance once on each floor using pressure valves and pumps. The cold water feed can be run to each apartment and then connected to the water heater.

In summary the Stiebel Eltron DEL electric instantaneous water heater provides a new approach to providing hot water supply in multi-level properties.

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