Cut Power Bills with EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps


Company: Parex Industries

Water heating represents the single largest opportunity to reduce power consumption in the home whilst also being environmentally friendly. Up to 70% of power can be saved by taking control of hot water heating.

The air outside homes is warmed every day, whatever the weather. EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps cut power bills by using small amounts of power to transfer that heat from outside to where homeowners need it. They are more consistent and reliable than solar panels, and many times more efficient than electrical elements.

They are easy to install, and can be mounted outside under their own rain cover if space is at a premium. EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps even incorporate a back-up electrical element to ensure ample hot water in even the coldest conditions.

EcoSpring harnesses naturally occurring thermal energy from the air to heat the water, creating renewable energy and offering valuable benefits including:

  • Reducing power bills
  • Renewable energy
  • Inside/outside installation
  • Advanced controls
  • Real time control
  • Five year full comprehensive warranty

Featured Products: EcoSpring 190 and EcoSpring 300


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