Jagas Terrazzo Pavers deliver unique design & top quality

Terrazzo image1

Company: Jagas Paving

Terrazzo Pavers are a popular honed paver offering great design flexibility, timeless style and robust functionality for both indoor and outdoor use. From kitchen floors to atriums, outdoor walkways to pool surrounds and coping stones, the JAGAS Terrazzo Pavers bring classic appeal to any project.

Available in a range of colours and designs, the Terrazzo Pavers feature attractive and distinctive non-slip finishes created with exposed stone chips, imported crushed granites, pebbles and shells. Let your creativity loose – with Terrazzo Pavers you can create a striking result or deliver understated beauty to suit any environment.

JAGAS warmly invites architects and designers to request custom-made Terrazzo Paving. JAGAS can create pavers in custom hues, and using a wide range of materials including aggregates, pebbles, shell and glass. We can produce Terrazzo Pavers in a range of dimensions from the classic 600×600 or 400×400 to rectangular or completely custom shapes. For pool surrounds we provide coping stones in a matching finish.

Call today to see how we can work with you to achieve superior paver design and quality on 0800 4 JAGAS. To learn more about this beautiful product please visit www.jagas.co.nz

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