Pauloid White-Faced Aluminium Foil Delivers a Lighter, Brighter Factory

PI120715 WFF-9346-C_Pauls 1_A

Company: Paul Industries

Harness natural, ambient light with Pauloid White-Faced Foil to deliver a lighter, brighter commercial environment while also saving on lighting costs. The team at Paul Industries are looking forward to reaping the benefits in their new 4400sqm factory in Tauriko, Tauranga.

“It’s surprising how many people still use the traditional silver coloured foil for commercial roof insulation, when the benefits of white-faced foil are so significant” comments Ben Lloyd, GM Sales & Marketing for Paul Industries. “Build costs are almost identical while the cost savings in reduced lighting keep adding up year after year”.

While Pauloid Aluminium Foil is primarily used to control moisture and reflect radiated heat, Pauloid White-Faced Foil also plays a valuable role in diffusing ambient light, significantly reducing the requirement for artificial light in commercial buildings.

“Lighting our current factory has always been a bit of a challenge” comments Joel Bishop, Project Manager for Paul Industries “so we’re making the most of the opportunity to custom build the new facility to suit our needs. In addition to using Pauloid White-Faced Foil in the roof, we’ve carried it through into some of the wall linings to improve lighting and achieve a better finish. Even at this early stage we can see how much lighter and brighter the new building will be”.

Pauloid Aluminium Foil Insulation reflects up to 95% of radiated heat. The foil acts as a waterproof sarking when installed beneath the primary roofing material, providing a vapour barrier against moisture penetration. Pauloid Aluminium Foil Insulation is available in a range of configurations, including flame retardant and different GSM weights to suit every commercial building project.

We recommend that Pauloid Foils be used in conjunction with Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh.

For more on Paul Industries’ products call 0800 330-320 or visit

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