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The Tangible Benefits of the BIM Revolution


The digital revolution in architecture encompasses a number of different topics – advances in what can be digitally modelled, in what can be physically constructed, in how we think about documentation.  The term ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) encompasses a number of these concepts, but it is often confusing as to what BIM specifically refers to, or how an company can successfully tailor their content to integrate into a BIM model.

A key component of the BIM philosophy is that a 3D model should not be simply static representation of an object in space. That object could have any number of additional fields associated with it, from cost, installation instructions, maintenance and material information, electrical requirements, or anything else deemed useful. All of this additional information allows those who are relying on the BIM model to make informed decisions about what is best for a specific project, and for the cost of changes to the plan to be easily quantified.

Additionally, BIM Objects may be parametric, allowing architects to intuitively work with products that may have a large number of different customisation options. Correctly constructed parametric objects, imbued with the right information, allow architects to quickly identify the possibilities and limitations of systems and products, facilitating high quality design.

The digital revolution is not just about creating robust BIM models. Engineers and Architects beginning to understand the benefit of computer programming in the workplace, and as a result an explosion of intuitive, specialised software tools are being produced, aimed squarely at the building industry.

Visual programming languages, notably Grasshopper (for Rhino 3D) and Dynamo (for Revit) are at the forefront of this movement. These plug-ins allow users to access and automate processes in an intuitive visual way, doing everything from complex 3D modelling to interfacing with Google Docs, CNC Routers, or Arduino microcontrollers.

Using these same tools, Architects and designers can automate documentation, or use a BIM itself as the basis of a digital fabrication process. The Wellington startup ‘Makers of Architecture’ are using Dynamo and Grasshopper to produce CNC router paths directly out of the Revit model that they are designing their buildings in. Using this process, the team can accurately and quickly scope the cost of the digital fabrication process, from the number of sheets that they are using all the way down to the total amount of tooling time required. These numbers can be dynamically updated at any time, allowing for a process of iteration and testing over the course of the design process.

These tools are being used to solve complex problems and optimise tasks that simplify the documentation and construction process, allowing Architects to design, document and build things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Huge swaths of the work we currently busy ourselves with can be automated, transforming a laborious, bordering on impossible, task into a short checklist of programs to run on each model.

The creation of usable BIM content and the development of custom design tools  require specialised knowledge and a different approach to architecture, focused on information management and smart geometry, and we’re excited to see companies that are pushing the boundaries of the industry, and to be involved in that process ourselves.

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Will Alsop NZ Lectures


The Productspec team, with support from Resene and GIB, is delighted to offer you an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience featuring Will Alsop.

We’ve flown Will to this side of the world and arranged lectures in Christchurch, Auckland, and Sydney, plus a fantastic workshop in Auckland.

Find out more here

Prof. Will Alsop OBE RA is a prominent architect and artist who established aLL Design in 2011. He has been awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize for Peckham Library, London and the first RIBA World Award for The Sharp Centre for Design (OCAD), Toronto, amongst numerous other prestigious accolades for a multitude of projects. His work encompasses all sectors of architecture including urban design and planning. His studio practice also incorporates painting and product design.

His core values are innovation, expression and originality with an emphasis on enjoyment. He currently works on a vast array of projects ‘from teaspoon to city’ and everything in between, including numerous international workshops and lectures. His interaction with and involvement of people both within and outside the arts has led to design that challenges architectural norms.

His practice is founded principally to ‘make life better’ – the philosophy extends from the design of individual buildings to embrace broader principles of urbanism and city development and he uses painting, writing and ‘playing’ to further understanding of design. He sits on the architectural advisory boards for Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea Councils. He is visiting Professor of TU Vienna and Professor of Architecture at Canterbury School of Architecture, UCA.

Will has specialised in large-scale master plans and regeneration projects for boroughs and districts in Almere, Rotterdam, Groningen, Berlin, Manchester, Middlesbrough, and Barnsley, for which he won the 2003 Architects’ Journal Award for Architecture. He is currently designing part of the regeneration of Kew Gate district for the London Borough of Hounslow; developing schemes for Vauxhall’s regeneration and working internationally in China, Canada and Europe.

Alsop’s iconic designs such as the Glenwood Power Plant in Yonkers, New York; the Sharp Centre for Design for the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and the HQ of the French government in Marseilles have established him as a visionary in the field of architecture.


pro clima Passive House Consultant/Design Scholarship 2015


For a third consecutive year, the successful applicant will receive full subsidy for the Passive House Institute of New Zealand Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant course, CEPH2, and the externally assessed exam, set by the Passivhaus Institut (Germany), leading to the internationally recognised qualification of Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant.

You can find out all the details on our website, please click here.

It may still be of interest to your database or some of your other parties, sponsors or stakeholders who could benefit from having access to this scholarship and who are looking to gain further education in the industry.


DESIGN experience SERIES


With New Zealand’s design industry more innovative and globally aware than ever before, finding time to keep up with the market can be a challenge.

Construction Marketing Services (CMS) makes it easier for you by bringing together market leaders and design experts to showcase the latest trends, products and services. This informative and informal setting provides an environment where you can enhance your expertise, network with peers and experience first-hand the best your industry has on offer. These seminars are also an opportunity to earn ADNZ CPD points and NZRAB points.

International Guest Speaker

Charles Wright from Charles Wright Architecture, Australia. To read more about Charles please click here


New Zealand Guest Speaker

Mark McLeay from Creative Arch, Auckland. To read more about Mark please click here



A dream partnership – James Hardie products help create a stunning Jennian dream home for the Heart Foundation


Company: James Hardie

Featured Products

Project Details

  • Location: Lynley Park Drive, Omokoroa, Tauranga
  • Project Type: Residential House
  • Architectural Designer / Builder: Jennian Homes

Project Overview

Lynley Park is a highly desirable residential subdivision in Omokoroa, Tauranga and the location of Jennian Homes’ latest dream home. This superb property is the major prize in one of the six Heart Foundation Lotteries held each year. This new home ticks all the boxes of a perfect home. Situated just 15 minutes from Tauranga city, it is in a sought after location with great schools, local shops and restaurants, beaches, a wharf and ferry and features a stunning selection of high quality materials.

The Solution

This beautifully designed pavilion style home is clad with James Hardie new Linea® Oblique Weatherboard and EasyLap™ Panel, giving it the wow factor typical of a Jennian dream home.

The James Hardie cladding products were donated to the Heart Foundation in support of the charity’s work to improve the heart health of New Zealanders, and as part of an ongoing relationship which sees the company donate one house of free products per year.

Matt Mackay, Director of Jennian Homes in Tauranga, says these James Hardie products were well suited to this particular style of home.

“The home is comprised of two distinct wings with a connecting entranceway. Linea Oblique was installed vertically on one wing and horizontally on the other, and EasyLap Panel was used on the front and back of the entranceway to provide a beautiful, balanced look.”

“Painted in a dark colour, the EasyLap Panel provides a visual break between the vertical and horizontal weatherboards, and a nice clean look to the entranceway. Also, with Linea Oblique you can use a mix of wide and narrow boards, which adds another level of interest to the home,” Mackay explains.

The products provide flexibility for a fresh, modern design. Resistant to fire, moisture damage and rot, they are made to withstand New Zealand’s harsh coastal climate and will not warp in the sun.

“The home is both beautiful and durable, and balances modernity in this new subdivision with its 1950s weatherboard neighbours down the road. It definitely grabs your interest,” says Mackay.

Linea Oblique and EasyLap™ Panel are new products James Hardie has brought to the New Zealand market.

Ask James Hardie | 0800 808 868 | |



Times Change – Building Design Has Evolved – Smart Systems vs. Products Are The Way Of The Future


Company: ARIDON®

Building trends across the developed world show a move away from individual products to all-in-one quality systems. Why? Because the performance of a system is superior to the sum of the individual parts and enables better results in less time.

The systems approach is a method of design, construction, inspection and testing that accounts for the interactions of the various building components – along with factors such as site, climate and occupant behaviour. Many products on the market have strong key benefits and good track records – however, do they perform in the same manner they were designed for when mixed with less compatible products? Often not!

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system replaces multiple products, multiple layers and multiple trades with a single system. It combines global best practice “Continuous Insulation” technology with scientifically proven weatherproofing performance. Designed and tested for New Zealand conditions

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system has been tested and proven to excel in its weather proofing and insulation performance. Our technical team provide expertise and support from generic designs to bespoke design solutions. Because we control the installation of our system we know that the finished product on the wall will be exactly as the design team envisaged.

The systems approach to building significantly reduces the risk of moisture related building failure while maximising thermal performance.
Ask ARIDON® | 0800 ARIDON (274 366) | |



Style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for function


Company: Parex industries

Triton are famous for electric showers, and with good reason. Advanced shower technology and outstanding designs are combined to maximum effect in their extensive range.

The T80Z Fast-Fit, Triton’s most popular shower is the latest generation of Triton. The most iconic shower in Europe is perfect for New Zealand conditions whether it’s for a households, apartments or workplace bathrooms as well as  holiday baches. It’s packed with design features that appeal to both the homeowner and the professional installer.

The Dura-flow heater technology has been incorporated into the T80Z Fast-Fit which helps reduce the buildup of lime scale by up to 80%, in turn extending the life of the shower.

Thermostatic temperature control means more precise and safer showering, making the unit ideal for family use.

The T80z Fast-Fit takes cold water in at the bottom and heats it up internally, you will never run out of hot water when showering. Your shower is not affected by someone else in the house running the hot tap, and you’ll never have the water run cold half way through a shower.

  • Available in both a White and Chrome finish
  • Push button start/stop
  • Stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing brackets
  • Ideal for baches, offices, sports clubs and remote bathrooms. No Hot Water Cylinder required!



The Cube series creates spectacular lighting effects in commercial and private architecture


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions

The Cube series delivers balance, symmetry and a sense of proportion to an existing space. The superb optic performance provides crisp delineation enhancing details or can simply create interesting geometric effects to plain facades.

By integrated design Cube presents a variety of beam configurations combined with the possibility to orientate Cube axially through 360° further enhancing the creative possibilities. Additional application possibilities are opened up by Cube’s IP44 rating extending usage to those areas susceptible to water moisture or splashing.

Range features:

  • Simple geometric Cube design
  • High quality pressure die cast Aluminium construction with polyester powder coat finish
  • Osram LED 1 x 3w or 2 x 3w 2852/3228°K CRI > 80
  • Long life 50,000Hrs @70% of luminous flux
  • Integral 100v-240v 50/60Hz driver
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting Wall/Column

The CONCORD – Cube series is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.



Create inspirational space with your flooring selection

Advance Flooring_1

Company: Advance Flooring Company

Advance Flooring’s classic Studded Rubber Tile enhances this fantastic corporate environment.

Breathing life into office spaces and creating an environment that not only is inspirational but also meets the operational needs of staff and visiting clients can be a challenge.

Campbell Johnson has mastered it well in this fit out for DDB. Choosing to use Advance Flooring Clasica Studded Rubber Tile for a large proportion of the floor this choice offered practical proven performance as well as the colours and effect he was after. The stairwell redefines the meaning of ‘green’ with the vibrant flooring creating the perfect platform for the forest backdrop.

Clasica Studded Rubber is a true classic, this flooring combines quality, functionality and safety. Its characteristic round studded design, together with the wide colour range available makes it suitable for the most varied demands.

The acoustic characteristics of Clasica Studded Rubber tiles contribute to reduce sound transmission and vibration in a closed environment.

Due to rubber’s inherent properties, Clasica has a high coefficient of friction which makes it a safe choice in places like stairs, walkways, ramps and every place where slip control is required.

Clasica Studded Rubber Tiles are manufactured with high quality rubber and other components that do not contain PVC, phthalates, asbestos nor organochloride compounds.

Advance Flooring_2


Large Home Designer Bathrooms Deserve Sufficient Water Flow


Company: Apex Valves

When designing a large home with multiple bathrooms it’s important to consider that the showers, taps and other outlets are supplied with enough water. Without enough water flow the home owner can be left with the master ensuite having a dribbling shower like the days of low pressure hot water cylinders found in two bedroom brick and tile units.

By specifying the Apex 25mm Limiting valve you are ensuring that all outlets in the home will have enough flow rate (250 litres per minute) to keep up with showers, taps, washing machines and dishwashers all being used at once.

Apex Valves have over 30 years of experience manufacturing water control valves in New Zealand for the local conditions. The LV25 complies with G12 and NZS 4608 and the pressure control cartridges are Watermarked. The LV25 can be installed in any orientation making it flexible for the plumber.

The Apex 25mm Limiting valve can also come as a part of a pack of valves that are all required to complete the plumbing in the home or commercial building – it’s called the Apex 25mm Combi Pack (CP25). Every valve in the pack is designed specifically to make sure your building has adequate flow of water to service every outlet.

The home owner is investing in a large home with multiple bathrooms so it’s absolutely necessary to specify the Apex 25mm Limiting valve so that they are 100% satisfied with the result.

CP 25 Advertorial Image 2