Large Home Designer Bathrooms Deserve Sufficient Water Flow


Company: Apex Valves

When designing a large home with multiple bathrooms it’s important to consider that the showers, taps and other outlets are supplied with enough water. Without enough water flow the home owner can be left with the master ensuite having a dribbling shower like the days of low pressure hot water cylinders found in two bedroom brick and tile units.

By specifying the Apex 25mm Limiting valve you are ensuring that all outlets in the home will have enough flow rate (250 litres per minute) to keep up with showers, taps, washing machines and dishwashers all being used at once.

Apex Valves have over 30 years of experience manufacturing water control valves in New Zealand for the local conditions. The LV25 complies with G12 and NZS 4608 and the pressure control cartridges are Watermarked. The LV25 can be installed in any orientation making it flexible for the plumber.

The Apex 25mm Limiting valve can also come as a part of a pack of valves that are all required to complete the plumbing in the home or commercial building – it’s called the Apex 25mm Combi Pack (CP25). Every valve in the pack is designed specifically to make sure your building has adequate flow of water to service every outlet.

The home owner is investing in a large home with multiple bathrooms so it’s absolutely necessary to specify the Apex 25mm Limiting valve so that they are 100% satisfied with the result.

CP 25 Advertorial Image 2

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