Create inspirational space with your flooring selection

Advance Flooring_1

Company: Advance Flooring Company

Advance Flooring’s classic Studded Rubber Tile enhances this fantastic corporate environment.

Breathing life into office spaces and creating an environment that not only is inspirational but also meets the operational needs of staff and visiting clients can be a challenge.

Campbell Johnson has mastered it well in this fit out for DDB. Choosing to use Advance Flooring Clasica Studded Rubber Tile for a large proportion of the floor this choice offered practical proven performance as well as the colours and effect he was after. The stairwell redefines the meaning of ‘green’ with the vibrant flooring creating the perfect platform for the forest backdrop.

Clasica Studded Rubber is a true classic, this flooring combines quality, functionality and safety. Its characteristic round studded design, together with the wide colour range available makes it suitable for the most varied demands.

The acoustic characteristics of Clasica Studded Rubber tiles contribute to reduce sound transmission and vibration in a closed environment.

Due to rubber’s inherent properties, Clasica has a high coefficient of friction which makes it a safe choice in places like stairs, walkways, ramps and every place where slip control is required.

Clasica Studded Rubber Tiles are manufactured with high quality rubber and other components that do not contain PVC, phthalates, asbestos nor organochloride compounds.

Advance Flooring_2

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