Style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for function


Company: Parex industries

Triton are famous for electric showers, and with good reason. Advanced shower technology and outstanding designs are combined to maximum effect in their extensive range.

The T80Z Fast-Fit, Triton’s most popular shower is the latest generation of Triton. The most iconic shower in Europe is perfect for New Zealand conditions whether it’s for a households, apartments or workplace bathrooms as well as  holiday baches. It’s packed with design features that appeal to both the homeowner and the professional installer.

The Dura-flow heater technology has been incorporated into the T80Z Fast-Fit which helps reduce the buildup of lime scale by up to 80%, in turn extending the life of the shower.

Thermostatic temperature control means more precise and safer showering, making the unit ideal for family use.

The T80z Fast-Fit takes cold water in at the bottom and heats it up internally, you will never run out of hot water when showering. Your shower is not affected by someone else in the house running the hot tap, and you’ll never have the water run cold half way through a shower.

  • Available in both a White and Chrome finish
  • Push button start/stop
  • Stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing brackets
  • Ideal for baches, offices, sports clubs and remote bathrooms. No Hot Water Cylinder required!


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