Times Change – Building Design Has Evolved – Smart Systems vs. Products Are The Way Of The Future


Company: ARIDON®

Building trends across the developed world show a move away from individual products to all-in-one quality systems. Why? Because the performance of a system is superior to the sum of the individual parts and enables better results in less time.

The systems approach is a method of design, construction, inspection and testing that accounts for the interactions of the various building components – along with factors such as site, climate and occupant behaviour. Many products on the market have strong key benefits and good track records – however, do they perform in the same manner they were designed for when mixed with less compatible products? Often not!

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system replaces multiple products, multiple layers and multiple trades with a single system. It combines global best practice “Continuous Insulation” technology with scientifically proven weatherproofing performance. Designed and tested for New Zealand conditions

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system has been tested and proven to excel in its weather proofing and insulation performance. Our technical team provide expertise and support from generic designs to bespoke design solutions. Because we control the installation of our system we know that the finished product on the wall will be exactly as the design team envisaged.

The systems approach to building significantly reduces the risk of moisture related building failure while maximising thermal performance.
Ask ARIDON® | 0800 ARIDON (274 366) | info@aridon.co.nz | www.aridon.co.nz


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