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Company: ARIDON®


Thermal bridging through framing members reduces cavity insulation performance by typically 20% -30% in timber framing and as much as 45-60% in steel frame construction.

  • ARIDON® SMART WALL wraps the exterior walls in a thermal layer of interlocking, self-sealing, weatherproof panels, keeping the frame warm and dry, which provides significantly higher R values in several ways:
  • ARIDON® SMART WALL provides continuous insulation to keep the whole cavity and stud warm and dry – reducing heat loss and increasing the effective R value of the wall system.
  • ARIDON® SMART WALL moves the dew point from inside the cavity to the exterior face of the wall, preventing mould and mildew accumulation in the wall.

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The ARIDON® SMART Wall system combines continuous insulation with an in-built drainage plane (cavity battens), self-sealing joints and a rigid air barrier (NZ3604 – Extra High wind zones), which enables excellent protection against water penetration, reduces material degradation and extends the service life of the building.

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is the only all-in one solution on the market that provides an environmental separator—keeping the outside elements out and the inside temperatures in – enabling a healthier indoor environment, that performs for the life of the building.

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is fully BRANZ appraised and replaces the need for building wrap, rigid air barriers, cavity battens, and insulation. We offer the complete system – fully installed and warrantied by ARIDON Ltd, with a team of structural engineers and draughtsman on hand to answer any technical detailing questions and provide a comprehensive suite of technical details to simplify the specification process.

Suitable for commercial and residential construction – with no restriction on claddings.


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A smart flooring solution by James Hardie provides Auckland media centre with a robust, fire resistant floor and excellent acoustic performance


Company: James Hardie

Featured Products HardiePanel™ compressed sheet

Project Details

  • Location: 151 Victoria St West, Auckland
  • Project Type: Commercial building
  • Builder: Alaska Interior
  • Specifier: Telco NZ
  • Acoustic Engineers: Marshall Day Acoustics
  • Developer: Manson TCLM

Project Overview

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME.), formerly APN NZ, is the anchor tenant in a media centre being built at 151 Victoria St West in Auckland by property developer Manson TCLM. The company will occupy 8,300 sq m of space across three levels to bring all its operations into one area, including the NZ Herald and The Radio Network.

Architectural designer Telco NZ and acoustic consultants Marshall Day specified an acoustic structural flooring solution by James Hardie to optimise acoustic performance and enable its radio, publishing, and digital operations to operate side-by-side in this state-of-the-art media centre.

The solution

For studios a very low background noise is desirable. If studios share a common slab with other activities then sound transmitted via the floor slab can be problematic. Potential sources of noise are footfall, sound from nearby offices, equipment noise, and sound from other studios. By using a floating floor in the studios they are protected from these noise sources.

James Hardie provided the solution which enabled a high acoustic performance to be achieved. The compressed sheets were installed on timber battens and a rubber cradle in this project.

Technical Support Manager, Singh Kamboj, at James Hardie explains how the system works, “Impact noise is absorbed into the rubber cradles, which means no echo or squeaks for optimum acoustic performance – critical to this studio setting.”

Nick Brkan, Alaska Interiors Project Manager, says it was his first time using this system for this type of application. “The flooring system was installed in four studios downstairs and one room upstairs. The installation was a simple process, despite the fact that no rooms were square.”

While the HardiePanel compressed sheet flooring system provides the necessary acoustic performance required of a commercial building of this nature, it exceeds the minimum Impact Insulation Class (IIC) of 55 for floors as specified in Clause G6 of the New Zealand Building Code and Sound Transmission Class (STC) when used on almost all available structural floor systems. The use of the HardiePanel compressed sheet flooring system reduces the need for impact underlays and high performance ceiling systems.

James Hardie fibre cement products are also manufactured using low-toxicity raw materials. The new media centre has been designed to a 5-Green star rating and the selection of this James Hardie floor system will help achieve a sustainable, healthy, and high-quality environment for NZME.

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Fastwrap Wall for David Reid Eco Show Home


Company: Paul Industries

When Peter Davis of award winning architectural practise, AD Architecture needed a reliable wall underlay for an innovative Eco Show Home with a Homestar rating of 7, he knew he could count on Fastwrap Wall by Paul Industries.

“To achieve this level of energy efficiency we needed to pay strict attention to every detail” said Davis. Their approach has been to combine some of the latest energy efficient technologies with simply doing the basics really well, particularly when it comes to weather-proofing and heat retention. “Including Fastwrap Wall as part of the mix was an easy decision” commented Davis. “It’s our ‘go-to’ synthetic wall underlay for all projects as we know we can use it on any job, in any location and get a great result”.

The David Reid Eco Show Home is in Ferndale Estate, a high quality sustainable development in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. The developers have taken care to use the original contours of the land to provide privacy, shelter and natural flow and have put in place covenants that ensure all homes benefit from key sustainable design solutions.

The David Reid Show Home easily exceeds the energy-efficiency design requirements of Ferndale Estate, and Davis is enthusiastic about the project which demonstrates the benefits of using energy efficient technology and sustainable materials. “With only a small increase in capital cost, significant savings can be made through reduced energy costs over the entire life of the building, while also improving the health of the occupants” says Davis.

Sustainability features in the new home include:

  • Photovoltaic solar power
  • Fully insulated concrete slab
  • In slab heating
  • 140mm thick walls with extra insulation
  • Frame‐saver technology
  • LED lighting
  • Water efficient tapware and appliances

For more information on the David Reid Eco Show Home visit

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Firth Permeable Paving – A System Approach


Company: Firth Industries

Firth’s EcoPave® System is a complete permeable paving solution that works passively to maintain the natural water balance within property developments.

Homestar ratings winner

Recently Firth EcoPave® has been used in two housing projects that achieved 8 star and 10 star Homestar ratings, certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Reduce demand on drainage systems

Ordinarily, land development has a negative impact on the natural flow of water. Specifying and installing Firth’s permeable paving system greatly reduces rainfall runoff from hard surfaces, decreasing the demand on drainage systems.

Reduce project costs

Installation of Firth’s permeable paving system can eliminate the need for retention structures such as ground sumps, ponds or dams, maximizing available land for other use.

Recharges natures water ratio

Due to the engineered manner in which rainfall is captured and released within the permeable paving structure, runoff is lessened and water is dispersed slowly back into the natural groundwaters and aquifers.


Firth’s permeable pavers improve hydrological response of stormwater peak flows by holding and releasing heavy downpours in a controlled manner.

Filter heavy metals

Due to its inherent filtering characteristics, heavy metals such as zinc and copper are removed through cationic exchange when combined with greywacke sub base drainage aggregates.

To find out more about specifying the Firth Permeable Paving System and to learn more about the products within the range, please call 0800 FIRTH1 (0800 347 841) or email us at

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Great Minds Think Alike

Company: Fairview Systems

For over 46 years, we’ve been helping Kiwis make more of their homes with windows and doors that keep the cold out and keep the warmth in.

Here at Fairview, we’ve built a strong reputation for exceptional quality products and genuinely innovative thinking. In fact, we’ve partnered with thousands of suppliers, architects, specifiers and builders. Over time we’ve earned trust the hard way – through experience.

We’ve spent thousands of hours refining and testing our door and window systems, using some of the best minds in the business. And that business is right here in New Zealand. We know New Zealand conditions and building standards, and we design our products to withstand all that our unpredictable weather can throw at them.

All that experience means you’re also dealing with people who know their stuff, so we’re always happy to answer questions, or supply full specification and technical information, and installation guides when required. All so you can deliver the best results to your clients every time.

For advice and information talk to us on 09 574 2900 or visit