Great Minds Think Alike

Company: Fairview Systems

For over 46 years, we’ve been helping Kiwis make more of their homes with windows and doors that keep the cold out and keep the warmth in.

Here at Fairview, we’ve built a strong reputation for exceptional quality products and genuinely innovative thinking. In fact, we’ve partnered with thousands of suppliers, architects, specifiers and builders. Over time we’ve earned trust the hard way – through experience.

We’ve spent thousands of hours refining and testing our door and window systems, using some of the best minds in the business. And that business is right here in New Zealand. We know New Zealand conditions and building standards, and we design our products to withstand all that our unpredictable weather can throw at them.

All that experience means you’re also dealing with people who know their stuff, so we’re always happy to answer questions, or supply full specification and technical information, and installation guides when required. All so you can deliver the best results to your clients every time.

For advice and information talk to us on 09 574 2900 or visit

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