Firth Permeable Paving – A System Approach


Company: Firth Industries

Firth’s EcoPave® System is a complete permeable paving solution that works passively to maintain the natural water balance within property developments.

Homestar ratings winner

Recently Firth EcoPave® has been used in two housing projects that achieved 8 star and 10 star Homestar ratings, certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Reduce demand on drainage systems

Ordinarily, land development has a negative impact on the natural flow of water. Specifying and installing Firth’s permeable paving system greatly reduces rainfall runoff from hard surfaces, decreasing the demand on drainage systems.

Reduce project costs

Installation of Firth’s permeable paving system can eliminate the need for retention structures such as ground sumps, ponds or dams, maximizing available land for other use.

Recharges natures water ratio

Due to the engineered manner in which rainfall is captured and released within the permeable paving structure, runoff is lessened and water is dispersed slowly back into the natural groundwaters and aquifers.


Firth’s permeable pavers improve hydrological response of stormwater peak flows by holding and releasing heavy downpours in a controlled manner.

Filter heavy metals

Due to its inherent filtering characteristics, heavy metals such as zinc and copper are removed through cationic exchange when combined with greywacke sub base drainage aggregates.

To find out more about specifying the Firth Permeable Paving System and to learn more about the products within the range, please call 0800 FIRTH1 (0800 347 841) or email us at

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