Fastwrap Wall for David Reid Eco Show Home


Company: Paul Industries

When Peter Davis of award winning architectural practise, AD Architecture needed a reliable wall underlay for an innovative Eco Show Home with a Homestar rating of 7, he knew he could count on Fastwrap Wall by Paul Industries.

“To achieve this level of energy efficiency we needed to pay strict attention to every detail” said Davis. Their approach has been to combine some of the latest energy efficient technologies with simply doing the basics really well, particularly when it comes to weather-proofing and heat retention. “Including Fastwrap Wall as part of the mix was an easy decision” commented Davis. “It’s our ‘go-to’ synthetic wall underlay for all projects as we know we can use it on any job, in any location and get a great result”.

The David Reid Eco Show Home is in Ferndale Estate, a high quality sustainable development in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. The developers have taken care to use the original contours of the land to provide privacy, shelter and natural flow and have put in place covenants that ensure all homes benefit from key sustainable design solutions.

The David Reid Show Home easily exceeds the energy-efficiency design requirements of Ferndale Estate, and Davis is enthusiastic about the project which demonstrates the benefits of using energy efficient technology and sustainable materials. “With only a small increase in capital cost, significant savings can be made through reduced energy costs over the entire life of the building, while also improving the health of the occupants” says Davis.

Sustainability features in the new home include:

  • Photovoltaic solar power
  • Fully insulated concrete slab
  • In slab heating
  • 140mm thick walls with extra insulation
  • Frame‐saver technology
  • LED lighting
  • Water efficient tapware and appliances

For more information on the David Reid Eco Show Home visit

For more on Paul Industries’ products call 0800 330-320 or visit


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