PVC Coated Kiwimesh for exposed Bluff-based fishery


Company: Paul Industries

When extreme winds forced work on the roof of the Ngai Tahu Seafood processing plant to an unplanned halt, the team at Calder Stewart were pleased they used highly durable PVC Coated Kiwimesh by Paul Industries. Knowing that the coastal site in Bluff posed huge challenges in terms of corrosion and wind, the roofing team made sure they left nothing to chance – a decision that has already paid off.

“You’d be hard pressed to find a site more exposed to corrosive salt-laden winds than this one” commented Ben Lloyd, GM Sales & Marketing for Paul Industries. “It needed a Roof Safe Mesh that would stand up to anything that the coastal winds could throw at it and PVC Coated Kiwimesh fitted the bill perfectly”.

PVC Coated Kiwimesh delivers enhanced resistance against corrosion as the 2.0mm diameter galvanised wire is coated and baked with a white PVC coating. This makes it ideal for use in coastal areas, in factories that use corrosive chemicals or in intensive animal farming. The white coating also blends well with white-faced foil and roofing underlay providing a more integrated look.

Paul Industries also supplies two locally manufactured Kiwimesh variants:

Kiwimesh Premium can be ordered in custom lengths, with just a five day lead time. “The custom length service is hugely popular amongst roofers” explained Lloyd.

The rolls are manufactured to exactly the right length for each job so they can simply be rolled out and fixed in place. It saves time and avoids waste, and with only a five day lead time can be easily accommodated in most building schedules.

“We’re also finding that more and more people like the idea of buying Kiwi-made” commented Lloyd.

For more on Paul Industries’ products call 0800 330-320 or visit www.paulindustries.co.nz


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