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Company: ARIDON®

ARIDON SMART WALL® – Combining global best practice ‘continuous insulation’ technology with scientifically proven weatherproofing performance.

NZ Buildings nationwide have suffered severe failure through moisture penetrating through the claddings and rotting the frames. Rigid Air Barriers are the most effective way to block air flow and prevent air pressure forcing water from the outside to the interior of the building. In addition, they provide a secondary layer of protection to the buildings and speed up construction times. The rigid air barrier market is growing exponentially across New Zealand – particularly Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

ARIDON® SMART WALL wraps the exterior walls in a rigid thermal layer of interlocking, self-sealing weatherproof panels, keeping the frame warm and dry. The ARIDON® SMART Wall system combines continuous insulation with an in-built drainage plane (cavity battens), self-sealing joints and a rigid air barrier (exceeding NZ3604 – Extra High wind zones), which enables excellent protection against water penetration, reduces material degradation and extends the service life of the building.

  • ARIDON® SMART WALL is the only insulated rigid air barrier on the market and is suitable for Extra High wind zones (and higher with specific design).
  • ARIDON® SMART WALL’s interlocking self-sealing joints mean that each panel interlocks with its neighbour forming a continuous shell that is not reliant on tape at every joint.
  • ARIDON® SMART WALL moves the dew point from inside the structural cavity to the exterior face of the wall, preventing mould and mildew accumulation in the wall.
  • ARIDON® SMART WALL provides continuous insulation to keep the whole cavity and stud warm and dry – reducing heat loss and increasing the effective R value of the wall system (80mm system providing R value performance ≥ to R4 cavity insulation – without moving to140 framing)

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is fully BRANZ appraised and replaces the need for building wrap, rigid air barriers, cavity battens, insulation and internal moisture management layers. We offer the complete system – fully installed and warrantied by ARIDON Ltd, with a team of structural engineers and draughtsman on hand to answer any technical detailing questions and provide a comprehensive suite of technical details to simplify the specification process.

Suitable for commercial and residential construction – with no restriction on claddings.


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Flame-Retardant Fastwrap Whitecap for Roofs and Walls


Company: Paul Industries

Ideal for use on both walls and roofs, and now with a flammability index of 1, Fastwrap Whitecap has successfully transitioned from shed-builders’ favourite to become a core product on any building site. Add that it has the highest absorbency rating on the market and can be direct fixed to steel framing and Fastwrap Whitecap is set to become a key player in the market.

“It’s perfectly positioned to become the ‘go to’ synthetic underlay” enthused Ben Lloyd, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Paul Industries. “It can be used in residential and commercial settings, ticks all the boxes as both wall and roof underlay, is flame-retardant and can be used in Extra High wind zones. Plus it’s surprisingly affordable”.

Fastwrap Whitecap has long been used by shed builders who appreciate that the crisp white colouring reflects ambient light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. With its new flame-retardant properties, the scope of use has increased dramatically.

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • Can be used on roofs and walls
  • Suitable for timber and steel framing
  • Flammability index of 1
  • Highest surface absorbency rating on the market (Fastwrap Whitecap 241g/m2, average industry product 150g/m2)
  • Strong light diffusion properties maximise ambient light
  • Strong and durable – does not tear when pierced
  • May be used unsupported up to 900mm centres

“The advantages of using one product for all applications are obvious” comments Lloyd. “It makes specifying much simpler, and there are definite savings in both time and money for the builder”.

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Design Builders encourages clients to dream a little with a new Hamilton showhome that features hardworking James Hardie products


Company: James Hardie

Buying or renovating a home is one of the most important lifestyle decisions that you make. The experience of the process depends on how well prepared you are for making various decisions, so it is important to do your research before you start.

“Designing and building your own home is one of those outstanding life experiences,” says Jeff Marra, Director of Design Builders Waikato. He describes the process as one of discovery, and says showhomes play a key role in this process.

“Our showhomes provide clients with the opportunity to see and touch both interior and exterior material options and are intended to inspire clients on their own design and build journey. The aim is to provide clarity and trust in their relationship with Design Builders and their new home,” says Marra.

The company’s newest architecturally designed showhome, located at the Meadows in Hamilton, has been created to appeal to the mid to upper end of the market with a range of potential buyers in mind, including young families or couples.

The home demonstrates the attention to detail, quality of workmanship and point of difference that comes with all Design Builders homes.

“We wanted this home to stand out from the crowd, so we have created a modern home with a country twist, in suburban Hamilton,” says Marra. “We have combined a wide variety of textures and materials, and have focused on finding beauty in the unexpected through close attention to detail.”

James Hardie fibre cement products provide one such point of difference inside the home. Products include HardieGroove™ Lining, Axon® Panel, and Villaboard® Lining.

HardieGroove Lining has been used on internal walls to create interest with feature walls in the daybed area and entranceway. The product gives the charm of traditional tongue and groove timber panelling, but has all the qualities of a modern James Hardie fibre cement product in terms of durability.

HardieGroove has also been used externally on the flat ceiling as an alfresco soffit. Internally, Axon Panel has been used on the high raking internal ceilings to keep the grooves defined and achieve deeper lines, giving the feeling of lightness and space.

“With its unique design and top quality materials, we hope to demonstrate to our clients that they can achieve an individual design that is not only right for the moment, but will adapt as their lives evolve,” explains Marra.

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