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Company: Paul Industries

The team at Paul Industries took customer service to a new level when the roof underlay and roof safe mesh for this 4,512sqm project by KiwiSpan were stolen from the building site over Xmas.

“We’d decided to work through the break to get the job done” said Karen Body, MD of KiwiSpan Rodney, “but things came to a halt when a pallet with Fastwrap FlameSpec Underlay and Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh disappeared from the site. We’re very grateful that Paul Industries opened the factory over their close-down period and got everything we needed to us – that’s really going the extra mile.”

Kiwispan had chosen Fastwrap FlameSpec and Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh as the ideal combination for the warehouse and office complex for J Scott & Co Timber in Riverhead. The job’s large open canopy, combination of steel and wood framing, high roof, and location in a high wind zone meant the team needed products that were convenient to use and achieved a light airy feel, whilst delivering on the all-important flammability and safety requirements.

“We used Fastwrap FlameSpec HW for the entire roof and the walls in lined areas” said Body. “It’s convenient using one underlay for both, plus it’s a robust product that the team like working with and it meets all the flammability requirements”.

The light colour enhances ambient light within the warehouse and provides a clean, professional finish in the expansive open canopy area.

With a stud height of 6m and apex of 10m safety was a key priority for the roofing operation. Kiwimesh Roof Safe Mesh was used to provide fall-through protection and support the underlay.

“We like to support New Zealand manufacturers whenever we can” added Body “and now that we know Paul Industries offers a made-to-measure service for Kiwimesh we’ll definitely be using that service in future”.

The Kiwimesh EXACT-CUT service manufactures rolls to exactly the right length for each job so they can simply be rolled out and fixed in place. It saves time and avoids waste, and with only a five day lead time can be easily accommodated in most building schedules.

For more on Paul Industries’ products call 0800 330-320 or visit


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