KE KELIT become first pipe supplier to obtain CodeMark Certification for pipe systems

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Company: Ke Kelit

KE KELIT are proud to announce our KELOX Multilayer pipe system now has CodeMark Certification.

CodeMark is a certification scheme which is managed by the Department of Housing and Building. It is the highest level of product assurance and compliance that a product can get. It traces the product from the raw material and manufacture right through to the supply and installation. The certification process involves strict auditing of all of these steps.

CodeMark ensures that all parties involved in construction projects can have peace of mind about the quality of building materials and products used in construction. CodeMark demonstrates compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and must be accepted by building consent authorities.

Increasingly councils, contractors, suppliers and consumers are struggling with an influx of low cost and questionable quality piping systems entering the Australasian markets. CodeMark certification provides the assurance of quality and durability.

Specifying CodeMark certified products will become all the more important as councils struggle with building consents that include new to market products. In some cases, these products pose a risk to the quality of our buildings and health of our families.

Bruce Kohn, chief executive of the New Zealand Building Industry Federation, recently highlighted the issues being faced by local councils to ensure that building consent applications are code compliant while there is a growing flow of low cost materials and products from abroad.

Kohn cites “sub-standard plumbing products coming to market from Asia” and “Misleading and inadequate information being provided to the Council” as being a major concern in the Auckland market.

A recent investigation by Auckland Council highlighted a number of cases where non-compliant products were installed or specified products were swapped for sub-standard products during construction. Meanwhile local councils struggle to allocate sufficient resources to enforcement in an effort to ensure code compliance.

Specifiers, architects and designers can maintain a high standard and quality in the building industry by including CodeMark certified products such as the KE KELIT KELOX Multilayer pipe system on specifications and building consent applications.

Once specified, care must be taken to ensure that CodeMark certified products are not swapped for sub-standard products during construction.

You can find out more about the CodeMark certification scheme, to view click here.

To find out more about the products offered by KE KELIT NZ check out our website or click on the KELOX Mulitlayer Handbook below.

Detailed product information including Revit CAD content for accurate BIM modeling is available from Productspec.

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