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Company: Masons Plastabrick

Hamilton Builder builds his own home with ThermalCrete and the complimentary Masons product line.

ThermalCrete – Masons interlocking wall panel and plaster system is in demand by builders. The superior performance during and after installation makes it a preferable plaster cladding system.

ThermalCrete was also the product of choice for Dan Gujer from Coastal Elite Builders when it came to building his own home. “I first saw the ThermalCrete panels at a trade breakfast and really liked the interlocking system. It has good thermal and sound qualities which was important because my section is on a main road with sometimes heavy traffic, so sound reduction is a key.”

Dan’s building site is situated in a rural setting in the Hamilton region. He has been building homes for 10 years with his company: ‘Coastal Elite Builders’ and worked as a builder from a young age.

“We always wanted a plastered look but weren’t happy with what I had used before. Previously I have used AAC panels but this panel product is better, it has very little wastage and the price was good and worked within our budget.”

Masons is the only company in NZ who can supply all wall products from: DPC, building wrap, window tape to: panel, mesh, plaster, paint and sealant. That means one company holds the warranty in keeping the walls nice and dry. It was an easy decision for Dan to use Masons full product range. “I used their entire system because the products are great, easy to work with and having it come from the one company made sense to us.”

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