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Company: Method Recycling

Corporate workplaces are changing, companies place a higher value on collaboration, innovation and culture. Sustainability ranks high on the agenda and office place recycling forms an important part of many companies’ sustainability goals.

Method saw an opportunity to re-think office place recycling, developing an open-plan recycling station that engages individual users to consciously sort their waste and encourages an organisation-wide culture of recycling.

Rather than a wheelie bin in the corner; Method wanted a bin to fit in with the aesthetic of the modern office. After two years of research and development method created a bin that organisations are proud to have in their workspace –www.methodrecycling.com/design-story

Method bin features:

  • awarded a Bronze ar the NZ Designers Institute best awards 2015
  • promotes sustainable culture through visibility, bins aren’t hidden away
  • provides clear labeling and large intuitive openings to make depositing waste easy
  • lids choices either open or closed (touch to open)
  • free standing and flexible – they can be placed in visible areas where they are most needed
  • waste streams, colours and the number of bins are selected to suit
  • patented bag retention system makes liners easy to replace, keeps them secure and tidy and caters for multiple liner sizes
  • colour palette and form developed to look at home in contemporary, professional offices

Method – helping organisations to proudly promote their environmental policy in the workplace.

Method Recycling
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