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How Virtual Reality will shape the Future of Architecture

Trimble_HoloLens_6_1920x1080.55414a75b22e2 2

It’s 2016 and VR is finally upon us. Early first steps are already showing huge potential, but what does it mean for the architecture industry?  Started from the most conservative through to the more speculative, I’m going to run through some of my thoughts on the changes to architecture and the construction industry that we can expect to see in the coming years.

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Storm water can pass through at 50mm per min

water picture (2)

Company: Jagas Paving

Well known in architectural circles for their range of stylish terrazzo, stone, honed and exposed concrete pavers, Jagas Paving offer new scope to urban planners with JAGSTONE™ – NZ’s first truly permeable pavers. JAGSTONE™ permeable pavers allow storm water to flow directly through the ceramic chip of the paver at a rate of 50mm per minute – that’s twice Auckland’s average weekly rainfall every minute! With the increased focus on sustainable urban planning and the serious storm water run-off issues faced by a number of New Zealand cities, JAGSTONE™ paving is an urban paving surface whose time has come.

For streetscape paving projects from cycle-ways to shopping centres, Jagas can also custom make paving tiles in a range of stylish colours, sizes and surface finishes to fit your needs. Our precast concrete specialists can custom make architectural precast concrete components to your specific requirements for seating areas, planter boxes and benches, concrete sills and lintels, columns, slabs and walls. Concrete tile stairs and treads and commercial paving surfaces (including tactile paving and traffic islands) are all part of the extensive Jagas Paving range. Talk to the experts at Jagas Paving’s Auckland Manufacturing facility about your paving requirements – we’re here to help.




Introducing READY Floor a faster, more affordable concrete flooring foundation solution

Ready Floor 500px

Company: Allied Concrete

In a building environment with rising costs and increasing technical demands, Allied Concrete has applied their expertise to develop a range of READY Flooring foundations which offer savings without compromising on quality.

A large percentage of buildable ground in New Zealand is considered ‘Good Ground’- a technical classification in NZS3604. Allied Concrete has developed READY Floor which is easy to place, faster to build and proven to work. READY Floor is a BRANZ appraised and CodeMark certified alternative to a traditional 3604 foundation and flooring design. This means it has been tested pre-approved and building consent authorities will accept it as complying with the New Zealand Building Code. You still need to apply for building consent, however the CodeMark means no delays at council.

Not only does READY Floor meet the standards of the building code, it eliminates the need for traditional steel reinforcing resulting in significant savings of 20% or more! READY Floor uses steel fibres that consist of approximately 80% recycled material, compared to standard mesh solutions this allows you to reduce your Co2 emission and energy consumption by up to 12%.

With READY Floor, the reinforcing is loaded directly into the concrete truck at the plant and taken to site ready to pour. READY Floor can be used on any lightly loaded ground slabs when building on ‘good ground’ including:

  • concrete house slabs
  • shops
  • warehouses
  • any lightly loaded concrete floor

Try the cost calculator on to see how much you could save compared to using traditional steel reinforcing.

For further information contact Allied Concrete on 0800 4 ALLIED (0800 4 255 433) or email

Ready Floor Pour 500px


Synchronised Sound


Company: Legrand NZ

Designed by musicians, NUVO is a state-of-the-art multi-source multi-zone distributed audio system. It offers higher quality audio streaming than popular DIY wireless solutions. The wireless player amplifiers are optimised for lossless digital signal flow, ensuring every detail of the music arrives to the high-fidelity NUVO speakers just as the artist intended. Different audio can be listened to in different rooms at the same time, all from the NUVO app available for Android and IOS devices. Or, every room can be listening to the same audio source at the same time. And, the syncing is perfect.

Features include:

  • Mastering grade, high fidelity audio
  • World renowned Audyssey™ music technology – optimises listening experience
  • Supports both wired ethernet and wireless 802.11n configuration options
  • Includes use of both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands offering the fastest signal and the broadest coverage
  • Accesses an almost limitless gallery of audio: iTunes and Windows media libraries, Spotify, online radio stations, and content from personal devices
  • Connects any Bluetooth device, wirelessly, using the lossless aptX™ Bluetooth feature (120W player – NVP200AU)
  • Connects to storage devices, analog equipment, or home theatre receivers through audio inline, line-out and USB ports
  • Expandable – up to 16 zones can be created
  • Control your audio from the NUVO app available on Android and IOS

For more information on the NUVO audio solution visit Muilti-room Audio to find out more and to view the product video.

Nuvo App image.png


James Hardie Invibe™ Panel – A Hygienic Solution for New Pegasus Medical Centre


Company: James Hardie

James Hardie Invibe™ panel has been used on the internal walls of this new general practice medical centre in Pegasus to provide a high-impact resistant, durable surface in treatment and surgery rooms.

When it came to selecting building materials for the new medical centre, hygiene was key. The products needed to be low maintenance and easy to clean to maintain a high standard of hygiene. The previous centre had painted walls which were hard to keep clean.

Unlike painted surfaces, the design integrity of Invibe™ panel is maintained over time due to its high level of coating performance. It is resistant to fading, yellowing, peeling and flaking and provides good resistance to abrasion, wear and light surface scratching.

Made from James Hardie 6 mm thick cement-composite substrate that is coated using ChromaShield™ 200 series, durability is part of Invibe™ panel’s core DNA. This double shield of durability means it is resistant to stains, chemicals and solvents, and bacteria and mould.

The product itself is also inherently healthy. Invibe™ panel is made from raw materials low in toxicity. Both substrate and coating contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Rachel Fitzgerald, Practice Manager, is pleased with the look and performance of the product, saying, “It performs amazingly and looks amazing, too.”

Project Details
Location: 52 Pegasus Main Street, Pegasus Town
Project Type: New Build – Medical Centre
Project Manager: Aaron Orchard, DNA Group

Ask James Hardie | 0800 808 868 | |



Fairview Architectural

Digital process : PixSolution

Company: Fairview

Beautifully designed and meticulously built, Fairview Architectural windows and doors turn ordinary spaces into stunning masterpieces. With a distinctive flat profile, contemporary, clean lines, sophisticated colour choices and premium features, Fairview Architectural delivers a consistent look throughout your home, regardless of the size of your windows and doors.

From simple windows, to impressive open spaces and bespoke architectural designs, Fairview Architectural gives you the flexibility to create spaces that meet your specific needs. And because they are made to meet the highest quality standards, this range is designed to withstand even the most extreme of New Zealand’s weather conditions.

The range is extensive, with options extending from square, flat and contemporary styles to more substantial ‘boxy’ alternatives for stand-out feature pieces. And with a choice that includes awning and casement windows, bi-fold and hinged doors plus stackers and sliders, the possibilities are endless.

From bespoke architectural homes or commercial builds, to simple renovations, every project is different; but we also realise that every one is uniquely personal. Fairview manufacturers create hand crafted solutions – designed for New Zealand, backed by world- class quality.

Talk to your local Fairview manufacturer or visit
For specifications and downloadable drawings visit Fairview on Productspec.

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Paradigm Shift ’16 – Register for free!

Paradigm Shift Solus

Will you join us? 09 – 13 May 2016

You are now most welcome to register to attend the upcoming Paradigm Shift free architectural event at one of five venues.

You’ll enjoy the fine tradition of excellent wine, beer, and canapes; displays and prizes from product partners; and a compelling keynote presentation from our international keynote speaker, John Klein.

John worked alongside (the sadly very recently departed) Zaha Hadid for five years, and now runs his architectural research practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We’re excited and proud to bring him to New Zealand; he’s a perfect fit for Paradigm Shift – just the right amount of technical understanding underpinned by crazy ambition and strange and wonderful projects!

Note – the event format has changed and this year there will be no verbal presentation from event partners. This means more time networking, checking out the beautiful product displays, eating, drinking…

15 NZRAB and 2.5 ADNZ CPD points are available.



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