Fairview Architectural

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Company: Fairview

Beautifully designed and meticulously built, Fairview Architectural windows and doors turn ordinary spaces into stunning masterpieces. With a distinctive flat profile, contemporary, clean lines, sophisticated colour choices and premium features, Fairview Architectural delivers a consistent look throughout your home, regardless of the size of your windows and doors.

From simple windows, to impressive open spaces and bespoke architectural designs, Fairview Architectural gives you the flexibility to create spaces that meet your specific needs. And because they are made to meet the highest quality standards, this range is designed to withstand even the most extreme of New Zealand’s weather conditions.

The range is extensive, with options extending from square, flat and contemporary styles to more substantial ‘boxy’ alternatives for stand-out feature pieces. And with a choice that includes awning and casement windows, bi-fold and hinged doors plus stackers and sliders, the possibilities are endless.

From bespoke architectural homes or commercial builds, to simple renovations, every project is different; but we also realise that every one is uniquely personal. Fairview manufacturers create hand crafted solutions – designed for New Zealand, backed by world- class quality.

Talk to your local Fairview manufacturer or visit fairviewwindows.co.nz.
For specifications and downloadable drawings visit Fairview on Productspec.

Digital process : PixSolution

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