Company: James Hardie

James Hardie Invibe™ panel has been used on the internal walls of this new general practice medical centre in Pegasus to provide a high-impact resistant, durable surface in treatment and surgery rooms.

When it came to selecting building materials for the new medical centre, hygiene was key. The products needed to be low maintenance and easy to clean to maintain a high standard of hygiene. The previous centre had painted walls which were hard to keep clean.

Unlike painted surfaces, the design integrity of Invibe™ panel is maintained over time due to its high level of coating performance. It is resistant to fading, yellowing, peeling and flaking and provides good resistance to abrasion, wear and light surface scratching.

Made from James Hardie 6 mm thick cement-composite substrate that is coated using ChromaShield™ 200 series, durability is part of Invibe™ panel’s core DNA. This double shield of durability means it is resistant to stains, chemicals and solvents, and bacteria and mould.

The product itself is also inherently healthy. Invibe™ panel is made from raw materials low in toxicity. Both substrate and coating contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Rachel Fitzgerald, Practice Manager, is pleased with the look and performance of the product, saying, “It performs amazingly and looks amazing, too.”

Project Details
Location: 52 Pegasus Main Street, Pegasus Town
Project Type: New Build – Medical Centre
Project Manager: Aaron Orchard, DNA Group

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