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Company: Allied Concrete

In a building environment with rising costs and increasing technical demands, Allied Concrete has applied their expertise to develop a range of READY Flooring foundations which offer savings without compromising on quality.

A large percentage of buildable ground in New Zealand is considered ‘Good Ground’- a technical classification in NZS3604. Allied Concrete has developed READY Floor which is easy to place, faster to build and proven to work. READY Floor is a BRANZ appraised and CodeMark certified alternative to a traditional 3604 foundation and flooring design. This means it has been tested pre-approved and building consent authorities will accept it as complying with the New Zealand Building Code. You still need to apply for building consent, however the CodeMark means no delays at council.

Not only does READY Floor meet the standards of the building code, it eliminates the need for traditional steel reinforcing resulting in significant savings of 20% or more! READY Floor uses steel fibres that consist of approximately 80% recycled material, compared to standard mesh solutions this allows you to reduce your Co2 emission and energy consumption by up to 12%.

With READY Floor, the reinforcing is loaded directly into the concrete truck at the plant and taken to site ready to pour. READY Floor can be used on any lightly loaded ground slabs when building on ‘good ground’ including:

  • concrete house slabs
  • shops
  • warehouses
  • any lightly loaded concrete floor

Try the cost calculator on to see how much you could save compared to using traditional steel reinforcing.

For further information contact Allied Concrete on 0800 4 ALLIED (0800 4 255 433) or email

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