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Company: Jagas Paving

Well known in architectural circles for their range of stylish terrazzo, stone, honed and exposed concrete pavers, Jagas Paving offer new scope to urban planners with JAGSTONE™ – NZ’s first truly permeable pavers. JAGSTONE™ permeable pavers allow storm water to flow directly through the ceramic chip of the paver at a rate of 50mm per minute – that’s twice Auckland’s average weekly rainfall every minute! With the increased focus on sustainable urban planning and the serious storm water run-off issues faced by a number of New Zealand cities, JAGSTONE™ paving is an urban paving surface whose time has come.

For streetscape paving projects from cycle-ways to shopping centres, Jagas can also custom make paving tiles in a range of stylish colours, sizes and surface finishes to fit your needs. Our precast concrete specialists can custom make architectural precast concrete components to your specific requirements for seating areas, planter boxes and benches, concrete sills and lintels, columns, slabs and walls. Concrete tile stairs and treads and commercial paving surfaces (including tactile paving and traffic islands) are all part of the extensive Jagas Paving range. Talk to the experts at Jagas Paving’s Auckland Manufacturing facility about your paving requirements – we’re here to help.