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Introducing the Zenith Hydrotap G4 Design Range


Company: Zenith Heaters

The Zenith Hydrotap G4 is now available in a range of new contemporary designs – Introducing the Arc, Cube, Elite and Celsius. Our Sleek design and outstanding functionality makes the Zenith Hydrotap Design Range a popular choice with design professionals for the residential and commercial markets. With a range of finishes available, you’re sure to find a Hydrotap to fit your needs, with the added value of a 3 year comprehensive warranty.

Our 0.2 micron filtration system ensures water is crystal clear, free from dirt and contaminants as small as 1/5000th of a millimeter, making each and every glass enjoyable and better for you.

With advanced energy efficiency and cooling technology, the Zenith Hydrotap performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Unlike water cooled systems, our air-ventilation system does not waste our precious water resources.

Weather its Boiling, Chilled, Ambient, or the added option of filtered Chilled Sparkling water your after, Zenith have a tap to suit your needs.

Experience the Zenith Effect.

Contact us on 0800 558 055 or email



Legge Marine Series – strength and style

1605 Legge Marine 400px ad

Company: Allegion

Legge® introduces the new Legge Marine Series – a range of architectural stainless steel commercial door furniture.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, the Legge Marine Series offers both strength and style for modern and commercial interiors.

Stainless steel is a popular material due to its increased durability and longevity. Stainless steel products are also sought after in facilities that require a greater level of hygiene.

Available in two plate widths to fit standard or narrow stile joinery, each plate from the Marine Series is paired with the popular, accessibility compliant Alpha lever.

Legge have also reworked the turn bar to comply with accessibility standard AS1428:1-2009. Specifically designed, the new turn bar shape has curves for easy grip and usage. The new turn bar is available on both 700 and 5300 plates.

An offset Entrance handle in matching 316 stainless steel is also available in the Marine Series. Available in four different lengths up to 825mm, the 3160 Entrance Handle is a stylish and modern addition to the Legge range.

Backed with a 30 year mechanical warranty, the Legge Marine Series will provide durable strength and reliable functionality with style.

Legge 700 Marine Series
Standard plate size, the 700 Series is a popular plate for most commercial facilities. With different plate options available for internal and external applications, the 700 Marine Series is a popular option for a wide range of buildings and facilities.


Legge 5300 Marine Series
The narrow plate of the 5300 Series is designed for use on narrow stile joinery. With different plate functions available for internal and external applications, the 5300 Marines Series is a popular option for modern facilities.


Legge 3160 Entrance Handle
With a square offset design, the 3160 Entrance Handle is both robust and accessibility compliant. Suitable for glass, timber and metal doors, the 3160 is available in four different lengths, up to 825mm.



Allproof Luxury Finishes: Metal Collection


Company: Allproof

Are you looking for that element of class to give your bathroom project a refined and luxurious finish? Struggling to find a shower channel that complements the quality you have already created in your bathroom? We would like to introduce you to the Allproof Metal Collection for custom finishes on our Vision Series.

Inspired by current trends and taking note from times gone by our new metal collection provides a traditional touch to modern design. Our products are proudly manufactured to the quality associated with the classic times and now our gold, copper, brass and black chrome finishes complement this quality with a little nod to the past and a sleek look that will give any bathroom a feel of 21st century luxury.

We proudly manufacture all our stainless steel products in-house at our factory on the North Shore of Auckland before sending them to a local Kiwi business for electroplating. This ensures we have control over the final products quality and production time while supporting local NZ businesses.

These new finishes are available on all our stainless steel products, we recommend looking at this option on our Vision Series, Elegance Grates, Kaiteri and Wakatipu for best results.

Contact Details
We supply our shower channels through distributors so please contact your local Bathroom showroom or plumbing merchant to place an order. Please talk to us to find out more about the range and where you can purchase them.
Auckland Office: +64 9 481 8020
Christchurch Office: +64 3 381 6914
Melbourne Office: +61 3 9394 1883




M-series Privacy Lock, Excitingly Different


Company: Mardeco International

The M-Series range of sliding door hardware by Mardeco represents a new age of flush pull handles and privacy locks for timber and aluminium sliding doors. Packed with innovation and sophistication, these sleek, modern handles represent simplicity through uncompromising design.

With Mardeco taking the time to get the range perfect, quality and ease of use have been emphasised in every aspect, from the handles themselves to the installation resources and packaging. Designed in New Zealand, the M-Series perfectly represents what Mardeco is all about … quality, design and good service.

M-Series hardware comes with detailed installation instructions and additional parts for multiple applications, giving your project a cohesive look. There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to fitting out a project, yet the decision about which sliding door hardware to choose is an easy one with the M-Series by Mardeco.

M Series Logo M


Plasterboard Control Joints

Control Joints

Company: Winstone Wallboards Ltd

The AS/NZS2589 standard and the GIB® Site Guide require control joints in a ceiling or wall with a continuous plasterboard lining of over 12 metres and then at 12 metre centres or less. This is a minimum requirement; control joints may also be required to provide seismic relief, to match other building movement joints or generally to reduce the risk of cracking at stress points.

Often however control joint trims are not installed when they should be because the trims aren’t aesthetically appealing. To offer more options for designers and installers, two new plasterboard control joint trims have been added to the GIB® range.

With the launch of these two new trims, a Specification and Installation Manual for the GIB® Plasterboard Control Joints has also been produced. This details all four options in the GIB® range and includes recommended positioning of control joints. Printed copies are available and an electronic copy can be downloaded from

The new W-profile control joint trim has removable/tear-away tabs that protect the flexible centre strip of the trim from paint and stopping compound during installation. The tear-away tab can be easily removed after installation has been completed.

The other new control joint trim has a smooth flexible centre strip. The final appearance of this trim, once installed, is discrete and unobtrusive but care must be taken during installation to keep the centre strip clear of compound and paint.

These two new trims are both made of plastic and have a slightly thicker profile compared to the metal and GIB® Goldline™ control joint trim options detailed in the Installation Manual.

For more information call the GIB® HELPLINE on 0800 100 442, or visit



Reach – Compact Genius


Company: Kohler

Kohler’s Reach compact back-to-wall toilet – ideal for smaller bathrooms and ensuites – carries a 4 star WELS rating, having a 4.5 litre full flush and 3 litre half flush, and sports distinct improvements to its internal design.

The design of the Reach is in direct response to the current trend towards streamlined fixtures for more compact bathrooms and ensuites. Unlike conventional toilets the Reach includes a comfort height pan and only protrudes 600mm, instead of the usual 650 to 720mm, while its profile is one of soft curves and clean lines, with no angles or ridges to trap dirt or dust.

  • S-trap set out: 90 – 160mm, 160 – 230mm (with vario pan connector)
  • P-trap set out: 185mm

The Reach has an efficient glazed box rim, which provides a more even water distribution during the flush, so improving the cleaning of the bowl. In addition, the glazing prevents bacteria from breeding.

An additional convenience feature is the ‘S’ trap Vario bend which simplifies and speeds the installation of the toilet – a huge plus for the consumer as it reduces the plumbing bill!

Another clear benefit of the Reach is the Quiet Close™ Quick Release ™ seat, – it closes quietly and gently and is easily removed for thorough hygienic cleaning.

For more information phone 0800 568 537 or visit


Curved glass solutions, commercial and residential, from Glasshape


Company: Glasshape

The perennial design tension for architects and clients alike is maximising space and light without compromising form, function or safety. TemperShield® curved toughened glass from Glasshape provides a versatile solution for countless architectural applications in both commercial and residential settings. Our ability to print in full colour with ultra-durable ceramic inks, known as VisionInk®, extends the possibilities even further.

Glasshape’s advanced processing expertise allows us to bend glass to create anything from elegantly sweeping building facades to dramatically curved spiral staircases. TemperShield just as easily becomes a residential 12mm balustrade bent to an astonishing 700mm radius as it does a large format car showroom with enormous panes of 2440mm x 3900mm bent to a 3300mm radius.

In complying with B1/AS1 in NZS4223.3:2016 when designing frameless glass balustrades, we have fully certified solutions either as monolithic toughened glass (with interlinking handrails) or structural laminates all curved to your specification.

For further information contact Glasshape on 0800 883 336 or email

Ebbetts 107


Method – an alternative to “built in bins”

open plan recycling image 500 pixels wide

Company: Method Recycling

Method saw a problem with workplace recycling, staff were frustrated with ugly bins and the main solution offered was recycling and waste bins built into kitchen cabinetry. Companies were trying to encourage staff to recycle by providing separate bins, yet they were hiding them away.

Method felt a better looking bin in the open plan space would allow staff to see each other recycling and help recycling be part of the corporate culture; showing the organisation promoting sustainability.

Method bins are flexible, companies choose to put the bins where they need them. If their fitout has a space that opens out for functions or training they can move bins into the space for the day. If they need to change the office layout because they shift teams around or hired more staff, the bins can be moved too. Single paper bins can be placed in copy areas and they still tie in with a consistent recycling system through out the office. Two years ago when The Wellington Council decided glass would be collected separately from recycling…no problem just connect another glass bin to your Method Station.

Re-think office recycling choose attractive bins that are modular and moveable –

Method Recycling
Steven Korner
021 567 637

Level 1, 115 Tory Street

PO Box 9109
Marion Square


3. Method with broze dot


Axiss Vege Spray Sink Mixer

Felton Advertorial Image 1

Felton Advertorial Image 2

Company: Felton Industries

Functional, thoughtful and beautiful, the Axiss range changes how we use our mixers. With its sleek and modern form inspired by organic curves, Axiss delivers a new level of usability and flexibility. A new range designed in New Zealand by Felton and a recent winner at Best Design awards.

The Axiss Vege Spray Sink Mixer is ideal for washing vegetables, cleaning dishes or harder to reach areas. It has a 165mm reach and a 360° swivel nozzle with dual function spray and jet.

The Axiss Vege Spray Sink Mixer is Watermark certified and comes with a 10 year warranty (extendable to lifetime warranty). It is suitable for Equal High (Mains) Pressure.

NB: Not for commercial use

Available from your local Plumbing Merchant

Contact Details:
Felton Industries Limited
8 Farmhouse Lane
Glen Innes,


Taking the dirty work out of increasing R-values


It’s a one step process to achieve R2.0 insulation with 2-in-1 Kingspan Kooltherm® Insulated Plasterboard.

Company: Forman Building Systems

As energy costs continue to climb, it’s no longer a case of ‘can you afford to insulate your walls?’ but ‘can you afford not to?’ Insulating walls can reduce potential heat loss by 25%.

Unfortunately until recently, creating that extra warmth and comfort came with some serious discomfort – retrofitting insulation to existing buildings was a dirty, time-consuming affair. You had two options: rip off the wall lining, install building paper and bulk insulation and then re-line; or drill unsightly holes in the outside cladding and inject foam insulation into the wall cavity. Either way, you had to apply for building consent, which could cost upwards of $500, and were potentially creating mould and rot problems by filling a ventilated cavity.

With Kingspan’s ingenious idea of combining insulation with plasterboard the process has been made easy for homeowners to insulate themselves against painful power bills.

As these new 2-in-1 pre-insulated plasterboard panels are applied directly to interior walls there’s no need to demolish existing plasterboard. You can also forget about the gloves and mask – being fibre and CFC-free they’re easy to handle and comfortable to work with. As there’s no demo, you can reno room by room.

Only 50 mm thick, pre-insulated plasterboard will increase the R-value of any wall to R2.0. As the panels form a continuous insulation barrier, they also do away with traditional insulation’s problem of heat loss through thermal bridging. And because the wall cavity isn’t being filled, it is able to breathe and stay dry.

To learn more about Kooltherm® Insulated Plasterboard that lets you do twice the job in half the time, call Kingspan Insulation on 09 969 1613 or email


Wall Insulation

Wall insulation made easy: pre-insulated plasterboard panels are applied directly to interior walls.