Cavity Closer Plan View

Company: Dynex Extrusions Ltd

The team at DYNEXbuild have just developed a new range of Cavity Closers. This regularly requested product is also known as Vermin Strip, Vent Strip or Vented Cavity Vermin Strip. These products are used in association with a cavity in most building applications.

The team at DYNEXbuild have taken this relatively boring product and added some spice (innovation) to the mix. They have added a cavity batten locator, tear way strips, flexible tips and a unique bulb seal, all with the goal of making the product look better, but most importantly perform better than the competition.

The 5 products in this range include:

  • Raked Roof Closer
  • 20mm Cavity Closer
  • 30mm Cavity Closer
  • 35mm Cavity Closer
  • 40mm & 50mm Cavity closer

The Raked Roof Cavity Closer utilises a unique bulb design that allows the variable gap to be closed, meeting building code requirements. When you are trying to close up the variable gap created on an angled cut with Weatherboards, this products compressible bulb closes these gaps nicely. This feature will greatly enhance the vermin proofing on any raked roof design using weatherboards.

The 20mm Cavity Closer features a flexible seal that facilitates closing unsightly gaps created by variations in cavity thickness.

The 30mm & 35mm Cavity Closers have a built in cant strip, and manufactured thicker and stronger than others, means it won’t crush when the Timber Weatherboards are secured.

The 2 in 1 Cavity Closer allows a 50mm Closer to be reduced down to a 40mm Closer by cutting off the 10mm tearaway strip.

With the development of these innovative new products, the team at DYNEXbuild have uncovered some essential skills. With this knowledge the DYNEXbuild Development team have the ability to easily create any Cavity Closer for any given application. If you have a unique design or system requirement, please contact the helpful Customer Service Team and they will be able to develop you a solution rapidly. Phone them on 0800 439 639.

These products are all made in New Zealand using a high quality UV stabilised uPVC that is 100% recyclable. This range of products has all been BRANZ appraised and meet the requirements of NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1, so you can specify with confidence.

For more information or to request a sample pack, please click here.

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