It’s a one step process to achieve R2.0 insulation with 2-in-1 Kingspan Kooltherm® Insulated Plasterboard.

Company: Forman Building Systems

As energy costs continue to climb, it’s no longer a case of ‘can you afford to insulate your walls?’ but ‘can you afford not to?’ Insulating walls can reduce potential heat loss by 25%.

Unfortunately until recently, creating that extra warmth and comfort came with some serious discomfort – retrofitting insulation to existing buildings was a dirty, time-consuming affair. You had two options: rip off the wall lining, install building paper and bulk insulation and then re-line; or drill unsightly holes in the outside cladding and inject foam insulation into the wall cavity. Either way, you had to apply for building consent, which could cost upwards of $500, and were potentially creating mould and rot problems by filling a ventilated cavity.

With Kingspan’s ingenious idea of combining insulation with plasterboard the process has been made easy for homeowners to insulate themselves against painful power bills.

As these new 2-in-1 pre-insulated plasterboard panels are applied directly to interior walls there’s no need to demolish existing plasterboard. You can also forget about the gloves and mask – being fibre and CFC-free they’re easy to handle and comfortable to work with. As there’s no demo, you can reno room by room.

Only 50 mm thick, pre-insulated plasterboard will increase the R-value of any wall to R2.0. As the panels form a continuous insulation barrier, they also do away with traditional insulation’s problem of heat loss through thermal bridging. And because the wall cavity isn’t being filled, it is able to breathe and stay dry.

To learn more about Kooltherm® Insulated Plasterboard that lets you do twice the job in half the time, call Kingspan Insulation on 09 969 1613 or email info@kingspaninsulation.co.nz


Wall Insulation

Wall insulation made easy: pre-insulated plasterboard panels are applied directly to interior walls.