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Company: Method Recycling

Method saw a problem with workplace recycling, staff were frustrated with ugly bins and the main solution offered was recycling and waste bins built into kitchen cabinetry. Companies were trying to encourage staff to recycle by providing separate bins, yet they were hiding them away.

Method felt a better looking bin in the open plan space would allow staff to see each other recycling and help recycling be part of the corporate culture; showing the organisation promoting sustainability.

Method bins are flexible, companies choose to put the bins where they need them. If their fitout has a space that opens out for functions or training they can move bins into the space for the day. If they need to change the office layout because they shift teams around or hired more staff, the bins can be moved too. Single paper bins can be placed in copy areas and they still tie in with a consistent recycling system through out the office. Two years ago when The Wellington Council decided glass would be collected separately from recycling…no problem just connect another glass bin to your Method Station.

Re-think office recycling choose attractive bins that are modular and moveable –

Method Recycling
Steven Korner
021 567 637

Level 1, 115 Tory Street

PO Box 9109
Marion Square


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