Company: Glasshape

The perennial design tension for architects and clients alike is maximising space and light without compromising form, function or safety. TemperShield® curved toughened glass from Glasshape provides a versatile solution for countless architectural applications in both commercial and residential settings. Our ability to print in full colour with ultra-durable ceramic inks, known as VisionInk®, extends the possibilities even further.

Glasshape’s advanced processing expertise allows us to bend glass to create anything from elegantly sweeping building facades to dramatically curved spiral staircases. TemperShield just as easily becomes a residential 12mm balustrade bent to an astonishing 700mm radius as it does a large format car showroom with enormous panes of 2440mm x 3900mm bent to a 3300mm radius.

In complying with B1/AS1 in NZS4223.3:2016 when designing frameless glass balustrades, we have fully certified solutions either as monolithic toughened glass (with interlinking handrails) or structural laminates all curved to your specification.

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