Control Joints

Company: Winstone Wallboards Ltd

The AS/NZS2589 standard and the GIB® Site Guide require control joints in a ceiling or wall with a continuous plasterboard lining of over 12 metres and then at 12 metre centres or less. This is a minimum requirement; control joints may also be required to provide seismic relief, to match other building movement joints or generally to reduce the risk of cracking at stress points.

Often however control joint trims are not installed when they should be because the trims aren’t aesthetically appealing. To offer more options for designers and installers, two new plasterboard control joint trims have been added to the GIB® range.

With the launch of these two new trims, a Specification and Installation Manual for the GIB® Plasterboard Control Joints has also been produced. This details all four options in the GIB® range and includes recommended positioning of control joints. Printed copies are available and an electronic copy can be downloaded from

The new W-profile control joint trim has removable/tear-away tabs that protect the flexible centre strip of the trim from paint and stopping compound during installation. The tear-away tab can be easily removed after installation has been completed.

The other new control joint trim has a smooth flexible centre strip. The final appearance of this trim, once installed, is discrete and unobtrusive but care must be taken during installation to keep the centre strip clear of compound and paint.

These two new trims are both made of plastic and have a slightly thicker profile compared to the metal and GIB® Goldline™ control joint trim options detailed in the Installation Manual.

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