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Allproof Drainage Solutions


Company: Allproof Industries NZ

With high levels of communication with the trade and designers we continue to lead the way with drainage solutions for the NZ construction market.

With manufacturing in Auckland and warehouse facilities in Christchurch and representation across the country, we are ready to assist, please contact us regarding your next project.

Bolted Bracket
The innovators when it comes to Level Threshold.

Commercial Kitchens
Supplying the largest projects in the land, standard and custom systems available.

Polymer Concrete
The trusted Polymer Channel system – variety of channels, grates and plenty of stock.






Luminess LED Flat Panels

Legrand - Centre Innoval - 69800 Saint-Priest.

Company: Legrand

Legrand has launched its Luminess LED Flat Panels, providing an energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lighting and better glare control for commercial offices, school, retail and healthcare applications.

Following significant research and development to achieve glare requirements, which LED has traditionally been unable to meet, the Luminess LED Flat Panel combines the right optical distribution to deliver a unified glare rating (UGR) of less than 19 to create more comfortable and productive workplaces.

The new Luminess LED Flat Panels feature a lifespan of 50,000 hours at L70 for improved lighting maintenance and longevity. The panels can also be integrated with Legrand’s range of energy and lighting management solutions for advanced energy savings and room automation. When connected to the Legrand BUS/SCS systems, local and remote command of other devices (such as window shutters, projector screens and air conditions) can be enabled for further energy savings.

The recessed panels deliver a streamlined aesthetic, and four modular sizes allow for flexible design and installation. In addition to a lumens output of up to 3,700, the panels feature a 4000k colour temperature, making them ideal for task-based environments. A colour rendering index (CRI) of greater than 80 enhances skin tones, hues and textures in rooms.

The panels feature an Opal Microsprismatic diffuser and are available with a Mains or DALI connection option.

For more information, contact Legrand on 0800 476 009 or

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Joint Venture


Unison Joints are installed fully assembled, so no messy joins, and no time wasted fitting it together.

Company: Neuchatel NZ

Neuchatel NZ Limited, best known for it’s innovative construction waterproofing solutions including IKO Permanite mastic asphalt, and IKO Prevent fire-retarding waterproof membranes, has a new string to it’s bow.

Now Neuchatel is also the NZ agent for top-of- the-line seismic joints by Australian company Unison Joints Pty Ltd. These differ from conventional expansion joints in that they are delivered fully assembled, and hence reduce construction time on site, as well as reduce risk of imprecise finishing.

Neuchatel’s Managing Director, Brian Mohan, states “This is a natural extension of our flooring and waterproofing business, as it’s important that seismic joints are installed correctly, and do not adversely affect the integrity of the structure they’re built to protect. Few companies have the experience that we have in this area”.

Unison Joints are ideal for high profile traffic areas such as sports complexes, car parks, and hospitals, where joints need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you’d like to see the more than 28 products available, check out our Unison Joints Brochure on line.

unison joint

There are more than 28 different types of Union Joints designed to cover the full range of construction requirements.

For the last 100+ years Neuchatel has been protecting tens of thousands of surfaces from deterioration caused by heavy machinery and the elements. In this time they’ve refined their products and services to be more durable, environmentally friendly and affordable – especially for large scale projects.




Company: ARIDON®

The only all-in-one building envelope system to solve internal moisture, weatherproofing and speed of construction issues – providing a superior, future
proofed structure.

The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is a continuous layer of interlocking, self-sealing rigid panels that wrap around the building frame, to form a weatherproof thermal shell. This shell acts as an intelligent control layer for the building – managing rain, air, vapour and heat movement through the building envelope. This concept is recognised by international experts as “The Perfect Wall” as it is the best way to minimise building envelope failure and provide a healthier, more energy efficient and sustainable building.


The ultimate solution for timber, steel, masonry and CLT structures- suitable for residential or commercial builds, with no restrictions on cladding:

ARIDON® SMART WALL – Isn’t it time you enjoyed the benefits?

  • Better for Wind: The only insulated rigid air barrier on the market – suitable for Extra High wind zones (and higher with specific design).
  • Better for Rain: The rigid weather-resistant panels interlock via self-sealing joints forming a continuous weatherproof shell – not reliant on tape at every joint.
  • Better for Internal Moisture: De-risks the building by moving the dew point from inside the structural cavity to the exterior face of the wall.
  • Better for Insulation: Provides continuous insulation to keep the whole cavity and stud warm and dry – increasing the constructed R value of the wall system (superior performance to R4 cavity insulation – without moving to140 framing)
  • Better for Speed: Fully installed system without the reliance on multiple trades, multiple products and multiple specifications – cut weeks off the build time
  • Better for Specification: A range of wall systems to suit your cladding & structural requirements with a comprehensive set of CAD details available. Structural engineers and draughting team on hand to answer any technical questions.


Ask ARIDON®| 0800 ARIDON (274 366) | |


Prolam – The most Cost-Effective option

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Company: Prowood

PROLAM beams are CCA H3.2 or H1.2 treated as defined by NZS 3640:2011, H3.2 must be used for weather exposed applications, such as verandah beams, deck bearers, and subfloor applications.

PROLAM treated to H1.2 is only suitable to be used in the building envelope as in NZS3604.

Product Quality -All Prolam glulam beams are manufactured in accordance with NZ building code standard AS/NZS 1328 Glue Laminated Structural Timber standard.

Fire Safety -Extensive fire test data shows that large end section timber performs well in fire situations due to the formation of a protective layer of char which usually occurs at a temperature around 250°Celsius. This charred area inhibits the effects of the fire on the inner portion of the timber component, hence it maintains structural load support for measurable periods of time as the fire progresses.

Renewable Resource -Wood is the only truly renewable building material, making it the preferred sustainable choice in NZ house building. Prolam is made from New Zealand plantation timber and as a wood product, acts as a carbon sink. It also reduces energy use in existing buildings with its outstanding insulation properties. The plantation timber used for manufacturing takes 14 times less energy to produce compared to the equivalent steel beam.

Chemical resistance – Glulam works well in harsh environments, for example in corrosive chemical stores, fell-monger, acid plants, salt-water environments and swimming pools, as it does not rust and the glues used are service class 3 certified.

Designers see a great benefit of using Prolam beams for non-visual structural elements such as lintels above garage doors and windows.

Prolam is lighter than the traditional Flitch beam and can be handled easily without the use of a crane. The high strength-to- weight ratio of Prolam enables the beams to span greater lengths, they have great stability when used for rafters and beams.

Prowood’s popular online software program with over 3000 registered users

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Glenn Innes Music and Art Centre


Company: Colt Products & Systems

The concept for the Te Oro facility envisioned the building being as a grove of trees under which communities gathered and sheltered to commune, share knowledge and be culturally and creatively productive. From this came Te Oro’s signature roof form, a floating geometrised ‘leaf canopy’ atop a series of ‘timber trunks’.

A certified smoke control and natural ventilation system was required to blend in seamlessly, a combination of form and function that was in keeping with the designers concept. Colt smoke and fire curtains are largely invisible until deployed and allow the designers to utilise large spaces without the need for permanent fire walls. The architecturally pleasant and robust glazed Coltlite louvres are a feature in the entranceway.

  • Colt Solution: Natural Ventilation and Smoke Control
  • Specifier: Archimedia
  • Main Contractor: Hawkins Construction
  • Colt Products: Coltlite CLS glazed ventilators, Colt SM5 smoke curtains and Colt FM1 fire curtains. The CLS louvre system is controlled by the BMS and regulates temperature utilising either the natural inlet air or exhausting unwanted hot air. The smoke and fire curtains are part of the life safety strategy and deploy to protect the occupants in a fire.
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A peace of mind


Company: PSL Innovative Aluminium

PSL Innovative Aluminium – a New Zealand-owned company with an absolute passion and desire to supply the best products that are environmentally considered.

PSL Innovative Aluminium creates peace of mind with its range of innovative partitioning and door solutions. With over 20 years of experience developing and supplying partitioning solutions, we work closely with a number of New Zealand’s best designers to solve problems.

We understand what is required to make sure your next project is a success. Our dedicated team aim for world class service on each and every project. PSL Innovative Aluminium’s unique Alement Plus series has been developed to ensure the perfect negative detail, whilst offering solid Acoustic STC rating. Alement Plus can be used with any one of our partitioning or door solutions. We offer a full bespoke solutions service to match the requirements of the project – from seismic solutions to Acoustic STC ratings or applying innovative detailing to ensure the best possible design to match the build and budget.

PSL Innovative Aluminium sliding door systems offers a wide range of solutions that will work seamlessly in any setting, with a comprehensive range of seals and a stability above others. PSL Innovative Aluminium continues to offer peace of mind and innovative solutions to schools, offices, health, aged care and retirement village facilities.



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GIB® BIM Objects now available

GIB _ BIM sample image

Company: Winstone Wallboards

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming an important tool and process in the industry, particularly for large and complex commercial jobs, but efficient and effective BIM modelling requires accurate and up-to- date BIM objects.

The advantages include improved, detailed information like the ability for a Quantity Surveyor to identify the number of screws required or to test different scenarios or performance requirements like calculating energy use. Significantly, it allows better collaboration and communication between designers, engineers and contractors allowing engineering to be refined and clashes identified and mitigated, including health and safety issues. By keeping all project data together in one place, BIM avoids data loss and is particularly helpful for future maintenance and alterations.

GIB® has developed over 100 BIM objects that contain linked data to GIB® systems and are now available on the GIB® website as Revit files. The new BIM Objects are available for GIB® Bracing, Fire, and Noise Control systems as well as standard walls. The Objects include data like the fire rating, STC rating and BRANZ appraisal number as well as the visual and graphical representation. This linked data allows you to compile essential information in one place, make fast and accurate schedules and identify clashes or potential risk areas like penetrations in fire walls. CAD files are also available for all GIB® systems.

Designers and contractors need to be certain that the data in every GIB® BIM object is correct and relevant and so GIB® BIM Objects for fire and acoustics systems have been BRANZ appraised. This is a New Zealand first and underscores Winstone Wallboard’s commitment to supplying accurate technical information to the industry. The BRANZ appraisal means that the data within the GIB® BIM object has been verified by a third party, giving you peace of mind for specification and installation.


First Impressions


Company: Advance Flooring Systems

There is much to be said about the phrase ‘first impressions count’. This is a constant challenge with building owners maintaining the appearance of carpet in hardwearing commercial applications.

There are many instances that the product specified is not fit for purpose because, the colour is not appropriate, and/or the construction and fibre of the carpet may not be engineered to withstand the everyday rigours of high foot traffic resulting in a disappointing appearance no matter how much costly maintenance work is applied.

The solution
Advance Flooring Systems are the first to bring Greenpad carpet tiles to the New Zealand market. Greenpad is engineered with DuPont™ Sorona® yarns providing permanent stain resistance that’s built right into the fibre. Unlike Nylon 6 and 6,6 fibres that are used in the majority of other carpet tiles the DuPont™ Sorona® fibres are highly dirt and stain resistant, even to iodine – the ultimate test.

The Greenpad range has attained Environmental Choice accreditation that provides further piece of mind when specifying Greenpad carpet tiles.

In addition, utilising Advance’s highly engineered Entrance Matting Systems right from the start, will trap the majority of dirt and moisture walked in from outside, save in cleaning costs and create a great first impression that counts.

For further information on these solutions contact us on 0508 238 262 or