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Company: Winstone Wallboards

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming an important tool and process in the industry, particularly for large and complex commercial jobs, but efficient and effective BIM modelling requires accurate and up-to- date BIM objects.

The advantages include improved, detailed information like the ability for a Quantity Surveyor to identify the number of screws required or to test different scenarios or performance requirements like calculating energy use. Significantly, it allows better collaboration and communication between designers, engineers and contractors allowing engineering to be refined and clashes identified and mitigated, including health and safety issues. By keeping all project data together in one place, BIM avoids data loss and is particularly helpful for future maintenance and alterations.

GIB® has developed over 100 BIM objects that contain linked data to GIB® systems and are now available on the GIB® website as Revit files. The new BIM Objects are available for GIB® Bracing, Fire, and Noise Control systems as well as standard walls. The Objects include data like the fire rating, STC rating and BRANZ appraisal number as well as the visual and graphical representation. This linked data allows you to compile essential information in one place, make fast and accurate schedules and identify clashes or potential risk areas like penetrations in fire walls. CAD files are also available for all GIB® systems.

Designers and contractors need to be certain that the data in every GIB® BIM object is correct and relevant and so GIB® BIM Objects for fire and acoustics systems have been BRANZ appraised. This is a New Zealand first and underscores Winstone Wallboard’s commitment to supplying accurate technical information to the industry. The BRANZ appraisal means that the data within the GIB® BIM object has been verified by a third party, giving you peace of mind for specification and installation.