Company: Colt Products & Systems

The concept for the Te Oro facility envisioned the building being as a grove of trees under which communities gathered and sheltered to commune, share knowledge and be culturally and creatively productive. From this came Te Oro’s signature roof form, a floating geometrised ‘leaf canopy’ atop a series of ‘timber trunks’.

A certified smoke control and natural ventilation system was required to blend in seamlessly, a combination of form and function that was in keeping with the designers concept. Colt smoke and fire curtains are largely invisible until deployed and allow the designers to utilise large spaces without the need for permanent fire walls. The architecturally pleasant and robust glazed Coltlite louvres are a feature in the entranceway.

  • Colt Solution: Natural Ventilation and Smoke Control
  • Specifier: Archimedia
  • Main Contractor: Hawkins Construction
  • Colt Products: Coltlite CLS glazed ventilators, Colt SM5 smoke curtains and Colt FM1 fire curtains. The CLS louvre system is controlled by the BMS and regulates temperature utilising either the natural inlet air or exhausting unwanted hot air. The smoke and fire curtains are part of the life safety strategy and deploy to protect the occupants in a fire.