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Company: Legrand

Legrand has launched its Luminess LED Flat Panels, providing an energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lighting and better glare control for commercial offices, school, retail and healthcare applications.

Following significant research and development to achieve glare requirements, which LED has traditionally been unable to meet, the Luminess LED Flat Panel combines the right optical distribution to deliver a unified glare rating (UGR) of less than 19 to create more comfortable and productive workplaces.

The new Luminess LED Flat Panels feature a lifespan of 50,000 hours at L70 for improved lighting maintenance and longevity. The panels can also be integrated with Legrand’s range of energy and lighting management solutions for advanced energy savings and room automation. When connected to the Legrand BUS/SCS systems, local and remote command of other devices (such as window shutters, projector screens and air conditions) can be enabled for further energy savings.

The recessed panels deliver a streamlined aesthetic, and four modular sizes allow for flexible design and installation. In addition to a lumens output of up to 3,700, the panels feature a 4000k colour temperature, making them ideal for task-based environments. A colour rendering index (CRI) of greater than 80 enhances skin tones, hues and textures in rooms.

The panels feature an Opal Microsprismatic diffuser and are available with a Mains or DALI connection option.

For more information, contact Legrand on 0800 476 009 or www.legrand.co.nz

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