External Wall Cladding, Residential, Medium Density, Stria Cladding,

Project Requirements

  • Contemporary home with an architectural flair
  • Maintain streetscape
  • Durable and aesthetic home

James Hardie Solution

James Hardie Stria® Cladding was specified for the upper level of the project due to its broad, clean lines and contemporary appeal.

Stria Cladding helped us achieve a distinctive, architecturally pleasing look” says Project Manager, Aaron Mowll of Haven NZ.

“The cladding is installed vertically,” explains Mowll, “Which gives a contemporary, dynamic edge to the home, adding interest and elongating the upper level.”

It was important to keep the colour palette consistent with the theme of the street. “Stria Cladding allowed us to use darker shades to complement the lighter shades used in the garage and lower level” says Mowll.

The project combines Stria Cladding with other materials, following the growing trend of multi-cladding designs. The bright-white lower level offsets the darker upper level, providing an aesthetic combination. This showcases how adaptable and flexible the James Hardie cladding range is in allowing the creation of distinct builds.

Engineered for durability, Stria Cladding is made in New Zealand using an advanced lightweight fibre cement composite with heavy-duty performance, designed to withstand our harsh weather conditions. For that extra peace of mind, Stria Cladding is resistant to fire, moisture damage and rot; enabling a beautiful yet structurally sound build.

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External Wall Cladding, Residential, Medium Density, Stria Cladding,