BRANZ has estimated that by 2017 a third of all dwellings built in New Zealand will be multi-unit. A huge proportion of these will be Terrace Homes. Do you understand the design challenges and performance requirements of Terrace Homes? How do you compare intertenancy systems to find the right system for you project? Top Melbourne architects Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards of Edwards Moore, share their award-winning work (pictured above) alongside local experts including James Whitlock of Marshall Day Acoustics, architect Tony Gracie from Fletcher Residential, engineer Hamish Ewan from Winstone Wallboards and leading professionals from Firth.

From design to documentation, the GIB® Terrace Home Seminar will be an essential introduction to Terrace Homes. This three hour seminar, held in Christchurch (22 August), Wellington (23 August) and Auckland (24 August), carries 30 CPD points (NZRAB)/ 5 CPD points (ADNZ) and will present tangible technical information and solutions for designers and builders.

  • Christchurch, 22 August – 3pm-6pm, Christchurch Art Gallery – Register here
  • Wellington, 23 August – 3pm-6pm, Clifton’s – Register here
  • Auckland, 24 August – 3pm-6pm, Five Knots – Register here

Spaces are limited. Register now to secure your spot.