Company: Legrand

Avoid costly call backs and unhappy facilities managers with these new extra-secure exit signs.

Where you need unsurpassable protection against vandalism, the Legrand Securit LED exit signs reign supreme. They are ideal for prisons, correctional facilities, detention centres, police stations and psychiatric wards.

Combined with the Legrand Axiom computer monitoring system, Legrand Securit provides a long term energy efficient, cost efficient, and low maintenance emergency lighting solution.

Securit features include:

  • Unbreakable flexible thermo plastic diffuser
  • Diffuser unusable as a weapon if dislodged
  • Anti-tamper Resitork screws to prevent removal of the unit
  • Thick 6mm interior cover to prevent entry to electronic components and LEDs
  • 4W LED
  • L70 @ 50,000hrs
  • Standalone emergency or wireless Axiom networked emergency models available
  • Quick terminal block – makes it simple to install

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684770-Legrand-Securit LED Recessed Exit Sign (1)