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With a range of flashing products available on the market, why bother introducing yet another? The reason is simple. To provide a product that reduces waste to landfill, contributes to lowering the cost of building, and has added benefits that builders can enjoy!

The new DynaFlash Universal Back Flashing by DynexBuild has it all. Because the builder cuts DynaFlash to the exact length required, waste can be eliminated. The high grade polymers used in manufacture have been independently tested for NZ conditions. DynaFlash is supplied in a clever 25m dispensing box, making it convenient for the builder to handle and meaning you can say goodbye to joins.

DynaFlash comes in two sizes, 50 x 50mm or 75 x 75mm, both in a 25m coil. The flexible hinge enables the product to be used for external corners, internal corners and flat junctions.

The DynexBuild team has cleverly incorporated the fixing strip into the flashing itself, reducing the need for fixings to penetrate the critical area between the beads.

The compressible co-ex bead is designed to help divert any moisture to the bottom of the flashing. Due to its compressible and slim nature, this bead will not push out the cladding, reducing unsightly cladding bulges that disrupt the aesthetic lines along a building.

When looking to specify the appropriate flashing on your next design, look no further. The product has been BRANZ appraised and is proudly made in New Zealand.

For further information and links to details please click here or contact our team on 0800 439 639

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